The Day the Maheen Fought Back

Sometimes you’ve just gotta laugh with the **it hits the fan. Today was one of those days and luckily we had cameras to catch it!

Check out our Maheen jet packing off Coffee Porter all over Jake and the brewery. Only a small amount of Coffee Porter was harmed in the making of this video.

Goldie Bottle Release- October 11th, 2014 12-8pm

SATURDAY Oct 11th, 12-8pm

Smog City Brewing

1901 Del Amo Blvd Ste B

Torrance, CA 90501


Towering above the taproom are the legions of barrels we’ve acquired over the last year plus. You’ve been watching them slumber…bellies filled with infinite potential. This Saturday, some of that potential is revealed in our first barrel series bottle release, GOLDIE.


Meet GOLDIE, our bourbon barrel-aged Belgian strong ale aged in barrels for 5 months boasts aromas and flavors of coconut, vanilla, and bourbon combined with banana and ripe tropical fruit esters to create a massively complex and balanced barrel-aged beer. Each bottle has a handwritten label that includes the beer name, abv, bottled on date and the bottle number.


What’s on tap, yo?!

Glad you asked! A line up of incredibly delicious and limited beers will also be available this Saturday! Smoked Smaug Lager returns as our Fall Seasonal! This beer is incredible with pretzels…nay, life changing. Tapping Wet Hop Hoptonic IPA with Columbus and Centennial grown on the vines outside our brewery’s front door, Atomic 82 -Batch 1 and Batch 2, the un-aged versions of Goldie brewed in March and September respectively.

Why is it called Atomic 82? What a weird name! Well, yes, it is but we love the science of and play on alchemy. In alchemy you run across the three “defining objectives…historically having typically included one or more of the following goals: the creation of the fabled philosopher’s stone(NAH!); the ability to transmute base metals(lead) into the noble metals (gold or silver); and development of an elixir of life, which would confer youth and longevity.”(Wiki)

With Atomic 82 and Goldie, we’ve achieved two of the three!! Turned lead (Atomic number 82) into gold (Goldie) and created an elixir of life! IOHO

You’ll have a chance to taste Atomic 82- Batch 1 which became the barrel-aged version you’ll be getting in bottles and on draft and Atomic 82- Batch 2, which was just brewed and put into barrels last month!





Geeking out aside…is that even possible?!




Here’s our tap list for Saturday and a layout of the event!

Event runs from 12-8pm, Saturday, Oct 11th

On Tap:

Atomic 82 – Batch 1
Atomic 82 – Batch 2

Smoked Smaug Lager
Wet Hop Hoptonic IPA w/Columbus & Centennial
Little Bo Pils
L.A. Saison
Hoptonic IPA
Sabre-Toothed Squirrel
Coffee Porter
Kumquat Saison
Chip Shot Coffee Porter
California Love
Bloody Knuckle on NITRO
Bourbon Coffee Porter
Weird Beer
Mo Wheaty Wheat
Amarilla Gorilla IPA

Brite Tank Bottle Pick Up!!

Come in and get bottles of Goldie without the line! We’ll have a table near the brite tank where you can purchase Goldie if you are here for bottles only.


Grilled Cheese Truck! We’re welcoming the grilled cheese truck for the first time. They will be serving by noon, so come hungry.

We look forward to sharing this incredible beer with you. Our process at Smog City ends with you, our fans. It’s a huge step forward in our ultimate dream for Smog and we thank you for participating in it!


Laurie and Porter

and the entire Smog City Team

Porter likes his barrels!!

Porter likes his barrels!!



Return of the Gorilla Taplist Revealed!


Saturday marks the highly anticipated return of Amarilla Gorilla IPA, our tropical fruit bomb of an IPA that masterfully balances an explosive hop aroma and complex hoppy richness throughout!! Expect some guava, papaya and strong mango in the aroma and flavors of tropical fruit, citrus and pine to round out the complex hop profile. This is an exceptional IPA. It’s the last weekend of LA Beer Week, so if you want to go out with a bang, we’ve got the event for you. Read on!

Join us for a stellar line up of experimental, barrel-aged and one-off Smog City beers. Tomorrow we launch two new beers: Mo Wheaty Wheat and Gottalottahop. Plus we’re bringing back the Anniversary Beer which has been cellaring for the last four months. It’s only getting better folks!

So, grab a kleenex and get ready to salivate as you read the line up coming at ya tomorrow!

* Means Growler Fills Avail

TAP LIST Released!!

CASK: Amarilla Gorilla DDH Mosaic and Topaz

* Amarilla Gorilla IPA
* Mo’ Wheaty Wheat Beer
ChipShot Coffee Porter
Mai Tai HopT
Anniversary Beer
* Weird Beer
Bourbon Coffee Porter
* California Love
Kumquat Saison
Hoptango IPA

* Little Bo Pils
* MakeOut Session
* Hoptonic IPA
* Sabre-Toothed Squirrel
* L.A. Saison
* Coffee Porter


If you want growlers filled, you MUST go to the main bar!

Cask DDH Gorilla

Amarilla Gorilla

Mo’ Wheaty Wheat

Coffee Porter

Anniversary Beer


Fresh Hops // Our Hops

Owning a brewery is a lot (A LOT) of hard work and a lot of fun, to be sure…so I’m sure you won’t blame us for looking for fun ways to stretch our creativity and test the limits. Whether it’s experimental beers, sour concoctions, repurposing materials in the brewery or growing our own ingredients, we’re there!

This past year we planted four sets of rhizomes: chinook, centennial, cascade and columbus in planters in the parking lot. Not only did it create a beautiful arbor but the vines are now yielding copious amounts of hop cones!

Here we are harvesting last week!

THIS WEEK: We’re tapping our first ever FRESH HOP Hoptonic IPA and tapping it in the brewery. Join us tonight for the tapping of California Love and Fresh Hop Hoptonic IPA. Delicious.

Let creativity reign!






























Smog City Kills it on the Brew Dogs


Smog City makes it onto Brew Dogs on the Esquire Network and is named second best brewery in L.A.! We are in great company.

If you know craft beer, you’ve at least heard of the Brew Dogs. We’re proud to say they’ve now drunk and enjoyed our Hoptonic IPA (it’s on film, there’s proof!) and gave a major shout out to Coffee Porter. Duh!

Check out this one small cut from the show(shared with us by a taproom regular, thanks Jose!), then go watch the whole episode!

PS: We don’t think being in Torrance is an “inconvenient truth”…but if that’s all they can come up with…we’ll take it. Come see us in our taproom and prove to the world that Torrance isn’t that far. :-)

Keep your peepers peeled for Chris Walowski! *He’s on TV!!!!  *Chris asked me to remind you.

Thank You, L.A. Times!

Smog City LA Times review

“Tap Attack” and it’s Origin

The benefits of being small manifest in our agility to create unique beers, our creativity and our flexibility to make s#!t up.

Over 2 years ago, Porter decided that the term Tap Takeover wasn’t the most accurate name for an event unless you were truly taking over all of the taps. Porter is a man of precision and it’s not a game of semantics here, it’s a quest for concise communication. So I asked Porter for an alternative and “Tap Attack” instantly came rolling out of his mouth.

We both knew immediately we had something awesome. Now, it seems small and insignificant but like making great beer, it’s all about the details. It’s all about those little bits and pieces you hold dear and you know deep in your heart, that they belong to you.

But even as the originators of the term Tap Attack, we hold the line by a string…why? Well, here’s the kicker…we’re tiny. Very few craft beer drinkers across the nation know about us, YET. All it takes is for one big guy to use it and we’ve lost our hold of the term.

After attending the Craft Brewer’s Conference(CBC) this year, it was really hammered home just how small we are. In our first year, we distributed 240 bbl of beer. In our second year, a little over 900 bbl and this year, we’re targeting 2500 bbl.

So as a small fry, we’re clinging to the opportunities we have to make small waves. We released one of SoCal’s first year-round Saisons 3 years ago (name another from 2012…), we helped make a name for Coffee Porters(yes, everyone has one now) before Coffee Porters were a thing and we killed it with our MakeOut Session Pale Ale (which was previously known as Smog City XPA)…a sessionable beer in the lull before Sessionable was even a well-known word.

So when you see Tap Attack…think Smog City. Know that David V. Goliath is still well and good and fighting the good fight for notoriety and that we’re devoted to making your craft beer experience unique and exceptional.

Cheers and thanks for your support!



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