Wishes Day 1.19.19 Taplist

Wishing Well and Dreams of IW

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At Smog City, we’ve made many acclaimed beers that have amassed cult followings, however there is one in particular that has become a phenomenon deserving an entire day unto itself.  Infinite Wishes, our bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout, is an absolute force of nature, inspiring folks from across the Southland to line up by the hundred.  This inky, jet black stunner is everything you expect from the style seamlessly weaving together char and vanilla from the barrel with dark fruit, caramelized sugars, and a wallop of decadent chocolate.  This stout is big and burly, yet not syrupy sweet.  It packs an intensely expressive bourbon character, yet the finish is a mild warming sensation belying the strength of this beast.

Don’t just take it from us, Infinite Wishes from years past have earned high praise from critics and customers alike.  A panel of BJCP judges awarded a past vintage a coveted score of 91 and the beer ranks in the top 1% of all imperial stouts in the world on Ratebeer.  Alex Kidd, of Don’t Drink Beer fame, once remarked that Infinite Wishes takes
“this shit to a whole different level.”

Where many other beers rely on their pastry stout DNA to achieve depth of flavor, we at Smog City are always most excited by the complexity Infinite Wishes exhibits on its own. Yet, as in years past, we have created a few stunning adjunct variants that build upon that solid base to offer more interpretations for you to explore. With or without additions, we hope you enjoy sipping, contemplating, and enjoying Infinite Wishes this year.


Bring coins or old bottle caps for our custom Wishing Well! We don’t promise any of your wishes will come true but we promise LED lighting and good cheers as you cast those wishes.

RELEASE 1/19/2019 <—note the lucky release date! 


Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

Saturday, 12-10pm, at 1901 Del Amo Blvd, Bottle Pick up at the Back Roll-Up Door!

Infinite Wishes Day 2019


It’s Wishes Day!

Saturday, January 19th, 2019

We are making sure that your 2019 gets off to the right start. Saturday, January 19th, 2019 we’ll be releasing 2019 Infinite Wishes and 3 extremely limited variants! Here’s a quick guide to enjoying a successful and delicious Wishes Day!

Infinite Wishes is a bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout, aged for a year in bourbon barrels. Many of you know Infinite Wishes as the “big brother” to The Nothing, our double chocolate Imperial Stout released each year just prior to Thanksgiving. The Nothing was named for the darkness that many 80’s kids remember as the ultimate “nothingness” that mercilessly tore Fantasia, in the cult classic The Never-ending Story, apart. When we designed Infinite Wishes, a question was posed. “What could destroy the Nothing” For those of you that grew up on this movie, the answer was a dynamic realization of any child’s greatest dream, an infinite number of wishes, each one slowly rebuilding the world of Fantasia…complete with a ride on the Luck Dragon and sweet revenge on a crew of bullies. Thus Infinite Wishes was born. Since its inception, IW has taken on a life of its own as our largest and most successful bottle release every year.


Date and Time:

Join us Saturday, January 19th at noon o’clock for one of our favorite days of the year, Wishes Day! This year we will be releasing Infinite Wishes and 3 extremely limited variants. Last year we ran out of variants at 1:20p, so don’t sleep on this one. Smog City Brewery and Taproom ONLY! Any leftover bottles will be shared with Smog City at SteelCraft the following Monday.

Special Limited Variants!

This is our second year releasing variants with Infinite Wishes. Last year was super successful, so we’re coming back for more with new versions and creative takes on this already outstanding BBA Imp Stout.

Variant #1 : Mocha Wishes – dark chocolate and coffee added

Variant #2: Coconut and Vanilla Wishes

Variant #3: Maple Syrup and Cinnamon Wishes- brunch in a bottle

Bottle limit: 2 bottles per variant per person


Bottle sales will be at the back of the brewery as we have done in the past with large releases. The line will begin along the wall just next to the utility yard door. We will hand out numbered tickets (or wristbands) to ensure people can maintain their place in line and we don’t have any issues. Please be a good person and respect those in front and behind you. I’m not actually worried, ya’ll are always awesome.

Draft available?!

Of course! We’ll have IW on tap in the taproom and limited quantities of the variants available as well. When they are gone, they’re gone so get ’em while they’re available!


Parking is available in front and behind 1901 and of course on the south side of Del Amo Blvd and along Gramercy. Please be cautious when crossing the street!

Ride Share:

Hey! Who really wants to drive themselves to Wishes Day? (spoiler alert: no one!) Consider ride share to ensure your safe passage to and from the brewery. Call Uber or Lyft or a friend…or heck, call mom, she’d love to hear from you! Just be sure to consider how you will get home and keep yourself and everyone around you safe on the road.

Food Trucks:

We’ll have food available between 12-9pm.

Oak Smoke BBQ 12-4p

Anarchy Seafood 5-9:30p

RSVP: Letting us know you’re coming is not required to attend but it does help us know how many to expect! Tell us if you’re coming. 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/events/227853591480090/

Welcome to the Wood Cellar

These beers are all new and previously unseen. Handpicked and created by Porter and our Wood Cellar team. A melange of experimental, sour and wild releases all being tapped on the same day. This is our idea of a launching pad for future Wood Cellar releases. This is just the beginning.


On Saturday, Nov 10th from 12-10pm, we’re taking over our own taps and unleashing an amazing collection of sour/wild/experimental beers! We’ve even got a few surprises!


First off we’ll be releasing one of our most anticipated bottle releases, QUERCUS CIRCUS. Originally brewed by Porter in 2013 and last poured at LA Beer Week Kick Off in 2015, Quercus Circus is a calliope of aromas, wood character, wild agents and bright fruity flavors dancing on your tongue. You’ve got to try this one! We’re fairly certain you’ll be taking home a few bottles.

Quercus Circus: In a nod to the storied Belgian lambic style of sour ales we present Quercus Circus, a blend of sour golden ales aged in oaks barrels, which like its inspiration sits at the pinnacle of complexity and elegance achievable in beer.  The initial impression favors the fruity end of the flavor spectrum with suggestions of soft muscat grape, sharp tartness of granny smith apple, and fresh-cut pineapple atop a champagne-like effervescence.  Mid palate, alongside the fruity component, a mélange of musty, floral, and peppery qualities imparted by the unique microflora used in fermentation emerges briefly before succumbing to a clean, assertive lemony tartness on the finish.


In addition to the special beers on tap and the Quercus Circus bottle release, Big Red Entertainment will be creating epic balloon hats from 12-5pm. Consider Smog City a place where you can be a big kid AND enjoy great beer at the same time.


But it doesn’t stop there…


We have 4 extremely limited beers going on tap every hour between 1-4pm. Limited to as few as 3 gallons for some of these, you won’t want to miss them! Listen for the bell and our staff will call out what new beer is getting tapped!


Sign up for limited tours of the Wood Cellar hosted by Porter, Laurie, Jason, and Ryan. They’ll be accompanied by Cesar and Toby, our very own barrel whisperers. On the tour you’ll see our Lab, Foudre area and taste an unfinished foudre beer, visit the barrel room and learn a little about “hoshigaki” (you’ll see!) and round it off with a tasting of finished Saison de Miel to showcase the full evolution of what happens in the Wood Cellar.

Tours will take place between 1-4pm. Sign up on the sign-up sheets just outside the taproom roll-up. Space is limited!


Cellared Bottles for Sale! Porter has raided his stash! All have been QC’d and are tasting incredible. Ask the beertender about the limited bottle list. The taproom bottle menu (above the walk-in door) will be updated with all the available cellared bottles!

There might be some fun big bottles for a few lucky people too!


Looking for a souvenir? Consider our Keep the Glass offer and get a full pour plus a logo’d Smog City glass(pint or Belgian) for $10 or $15 for a full pour and our exclusive Snugglebug glassware. Limited availability!



All pours will be in Belgian tulips, even taster orders. We want your senses to experience the sophistication of our wild side beers with the proper glassware. With that in mind, we will be limiting each customer to 3 taster pours(in a Belgian) at a time. You may return as many times as you like but in order to ensure we have enough glasses to handle everyone’s needs, we’ve got to keep it limited. Thanks for understanding.


Anarchy Seafood will be serving between 12-5pm, with select pairings for Quercus Circus on the menu!

Tomski Sausage will be serving between 5-10pm.

Parking is available in front of our brewery, in the parking lot to the west of our brewery and along Del Amo Blvd. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN CROSSING THE STREET!


Don’t Drink and Drive…just don’t do it

Consider how you will be getting home! Most of these beers are not high ABV but it’s very easy for them to sneak up on you when you’re having a great time! Get a DD or consider ride share! In the wise words of Dr. Suess,”We like you and we really care.”


Wood Cellar Draft List


Tap List: (This list may change/be added to on or before the event day)

Little Bo Pils, Squirrel, Smog IPA, Coffee Porter

  • Quercus Circus – Our classic lambic inspired wild ale that blends 3 different vintages of 3 different beers

  • Citra Quercus – Quercus Circus Dry-hopped with Citra Hops

  • Bier De Provence – Saison with classic French spices, conditioned with Honey and Brett Brux

  • Snugglebug – Sour blonde with Raspberries and Boysenberries

  • Floret 2.0 – Foudre Saison infused with a hand selected blend of botanicals and honey

  • Type O Positive – You’ve had the negative. Now try the second entry into our blood type series. Sour ale with boysenberries, lavender, and rosebuds

  • Spiced Summer Saison – Saison with green Cardamom, Meyer Lemon Zest, and Lemon Basil

  • Rodeo Eroded – Dark Saison with roasted corn, ancho chili, and raw dark wild agave- Plenty of Brett too of course! Brux and Lambicus for conditioning

  • Palo Santo Cuddlebug – Cuddlebug blended with our foudre Saison and aged on whole Palo Santo wood

  • Moroccan Cuddlebug – Sour Blonde w/ Peaches, Apricots and Moroccan Spices

  • Noctobulist (Sleepwalker): Kabocha Squash Dark Saison with buckwheat honey and 23 pounds of raw kabocha squash roasted in house, refermented with 2 Brett strains

  • Enoki – 100% Brett Foudre beer with foraged Persimmon Enoki Mushrooms

  • Anomala Plum – 100% Brett Foudre beer with Plums

  • Super Spittin’ & Cussin’ – Imperial Spittin’ & Cussin’, this fruited Sour Brown was freeze concentrated to make the flavors more intense!


See you Saturday!


Laurie, Porter and the Smog City Fam!

Smog Anniversary – What You Need To Know

Smog City Anniversary Celebration Need to Know Info


Oh snap! It’s almost party time and we are super excited to celebrate with everyone on Saturday.

Below is some helpful info to help make the day as smooth and fun as possible for you.

Thanks in advance for reviewing and we’ll see you Saturday!





Limited parking will be available onsite in the lots surrounding Smog City Brewing as well as street parking. Please pay attention to and follow all parking signs in the area and be extremely mindful of pedestrians in the area. We want everyone to stay super safe and not get any parking tickets or towed cars!

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 5.15.04 PM.png


We highly recommend taking alternate transportation to the event. We will have a designated rideshare drop off area in the parking lot to the east of Smog City at 1865 Del Amo Blvd. Please look for the signs and be sure to get dropped off/picked up in the designated area to ensure safety and keep traffic jams to a minimum on Del Amo Ave.



We will have 3 beer stations total(two outside and the main bar inside) at the event serving over 25 beers and 6 beer cocktails. We can’t wait!!! The most current beer list can be found on the Facebook event page. The main beer station will be inside at our taproom bar with 19 beers. The other two beer stations will be outside and feature the remaining beers and all the beer cocktails between them. All of the beers and cocktails are subject to availability and some will not make it to the end of the event. We will have printed menus and signs at each bar so you can easily navigate the selection.

Be sure to try Awkward Teenager and take some bottles home! It’s available at two bars at the event and additional bottles will be available for sale at the main bar inside the taproom.


Awkward Teenager

– Super Hoppy Farmhaze Ale –

Pour this year’s anniversary beer and you are walking down a candy aisle filled with pink starbursts, peach rings, and lemon drops, accompanied by wafts of understated dank, resinous aromatics.  Take a sip and a glowing tropical fruit acidity greets you while flavors of tangerine, guava, and mango slowly crescendo mid palate.  The combination of both tart and ripe tropical fruit sustains to the finish where a pleasing, firm grassy bitterness emerges alongside, scrubbing your palate for the next sip.  Whether you knew it or not this super hoppy farmhaze ale is just the tropical vacation you needed.


Water will be available throughout the event via water fountain inside and water kegs outside. Please bring a reusable water bottle with you to the event so you can stay properly hydrated (only empty water bottles are allowed in to the event). We want to keep plastic cup waste to a minimum. If you forget your water bottle, please be sure to reuse your plastic cup. We will do our best to keep these water coolers full at all times, but if you go to get water at the event and you find an empty water container, please don’t hesitate to let a staff member know!

Food square


We will have 3 food vendors onsite for the duration of the event for your dining pleasure. Mad Pambazos, Serendoggity, and Coned Premium Ice Cream will be serving up delicious and filling fare that pair perfectly with many of our beers. Be sure to check out the special dish each vendor has created with our beer just for our event.


Super Fun Time!!

Check out all of our fun and unique additions for the day. Hammocks under the trees(please don’t post up all day, we will have limits to ensure you share the love), lawn games in the lot, our DJ Cesar spinning tunes, a standee of the Awkward Teenager characters offering a great opportunity for selfies and sharing the fun(please don’t move them!) , and be sure to spend some time with our original artworks on display along the fencing behind the hammocks. Each one was created specifically for our Anniversary by regulars from the taproom!!



This event is open to all ages, however you must be 21 or older to enjoy our tasty beer. You must have a valid ID to enter the event site, no exceptions. If forget your ID you can enter the event, but you will not be able to order or consume any beer. This applies to everyone. No exceptions. Even if you are clearly over 21. So, don’t forget your ID!!! Having to stop you from drinking beer if you are legal, would make us really sad.



There will be one main entrance on Del Amo Ave. that will be clearly marked and you must go through it in order to enter the event. If you arrive early, please que up to the west along the side walk alongside the brewery. We will do everything we can to get you in the door quickly. Please be sure to have your ID out and ready for checking. You can exit through the same place you entered. In and outs are allowed. General admission starts at 1pm and you do not need a ticket to enter. The VIP session is from 11am – 1pm and you must have a ticket to enter (see the info on VIP below). If we don’t sell out, there may be a very small amount of VIP tickets available at the door for purchase. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates.


What should I bring with me?

You don’t need to bring much! Mainly you just need to bring yourself, your friends, your valid ID if you are over 21 and want to drink, an empty water bottle, and a good attitude. You are also welcome to bring animals and children. Please do not bring chairs (we will have seating and shade), drinks (empty water bottles only) or outside alcohol.


Ticking issues/questions

If you have any concerns, issues with VIP ticketing, or questions before the event, please feel free to email aften@thebeerista.com.



This event is rain or shine. While we anticipate a beautiful day, we cannot control the weather. In the unlikely event that it does rain, we will keep everything open outside as long it is safe to do so. Hopefully it’ll be nice and sunny, in which case, you should probably grab your shades and sunscreen. We advise you check the weather before you leave your house on event morning so you are prepared for whatever comes our way.



VIP Info

The hours of 11am – 1pm are reserved for a limited number of VIP ticket holders. We will have a list at the front gate of all VIP ticket holders. You do not need to bring a physical ticket with you. As you enter, you will receive your VIP gift pack which will include tickets for 2 full pours, 5 tasters, a commemorative Smog City photo album, and a beer tote. Please do your best to keep track of your items throughout the day and don’t forget to bring them home with you! You may use 3 taster tickets for an additional full pour if you choose. Before you leave, go to the main inside bar to trade in your wristband for your bottle of anniversary beer with one of our bartenders. Also, your bottle of anniversary beer is for consumption off-site only. Save it for the after party! If you arrive after 1pm, please go to the front of the line to get checked in for entry. You do not need to wait in the general admission line.


VIP Sour Facility Tours

As a special treat for our VIP ticket holders, we are offering tours of our new sour production facility. This is an area of the brewery the public doesn’t have access to normally, so we are really excited to share this opportunity with our VIPs! Space is limited and available on a first come, first serve basis. We will offer 4 tours every 30 minutes, starting at 11:30am. There will be space for 25 people on each tour and they will last about 20 minutes.

To secure a spot, please write your name on the sign-up sheet under your desired time when you arrive at the event. The sign-up sheet will be located on the black gate alongside the front of the brewery building as you walk into the event. If you can’t find it, just ask any staff member and they can show you. Once a time is full, please move on to your next choice and be courteous of those that have signed up before you. Please arrive at the sign-up sheet location 5 minutes before your tour starts. Also, please note, due to alcohol laws, you cannot bring beer with you on the tour. Be sure to finish your beer before your tour time starts.


Please come ready to enjoy our vast array of quirky beers but do so in moderation and with plenty of water as your co-pilot. We like you and we really care and we take your safety and that of others very seriously. Over-intoxication will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave. But let’s now let it come to that, right?! We’re all here to have a great time, so please consider how you will get home and take your time working your way through our delicious offerings!


Porter, Laurie and our Smog City Fam



Infinite Wishes 2018


Hi There!

It’s January 2018 and that means it’s time for Wishes! Each year we release our bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout to the world the first month of the year, starting it off on the best foot possible. Infinite Wishes is aged for a year in bourbon barrels and perfectly balanced with rich chocolate, vanilla, bourbon and roast, this one never fails to bring out the fans.

We bottled approx 1900 bottles of the ’18 batch which is about 800 less than last year. We reserved more Wishes for draft in our taprooms, yet enough bottles to go around…we hope!

Infinite Wishes ’18 , Case Limit 

This year we decided to release for the first time a limited amount of variants, very limited. We’ll be selling approx. 12 cases of Cinnamon Vanilla Infinite Wishes and Hazelnut and Cocoa Nib Infinite Wishes

Cinnamon Vanilla Infinite Wishes,  2/pp  (gold wax)

Hazelnut and Cocoa Nib Infinite Wishes,  2/pp (green wax)

Additionally, we are releasing some cellared Wishes will be available as well!

1 Case of 2015 Wishes, 1/pp

2 Cases of 2016 Wishes, 1/pp

8 Cases of 2017 Wishes, 2/pp

Additionally, we will have on draft an ultra unique version of Infinite Wishes. We LOVE this variant but did not have enough to bottle.

Red Wine Barrel-Aged Infinite Wishes (draft only)



Taproom and bottle sales 12-10pm at Smog City Brewing and Taproom

1901 Del Amo Blvd, Torrance, CA

Due to the excitement around this release, we are reverting back to selling all Infinite Wishes bottles(including the Newest Release 2018) out of the back roll up. If the line dies down, we will move bottle sales back to the taproom bar.

So, when you get here. If you want bottles. Please go to the back of the brewery. We will let everyone in through the man door of the utility yard. Using the sliding gate as an EXIT ONLY. Looking for good fung shui here!

***Please do not hold spaces in line for your friends. This is a common courtesy. If you jump the line and get caught, you will be sent to the back of the line. Be A Good Human!

Bottle Sharing is NOT allowed outside of our licensed premises per the ABC. Please be responsible and don’t get us in trouble.

FINALLY, consider how you will be getting home. We want this to be a joyous occasions but there will be 5 12%+ abv barrel-aged beers on tap…please think before you drive! We like you and we really care…and it’s important to us that you never get behind the wheel while impaired. Uber/Lyft/Taxi/DD

Drink Water. Be safe.





This year’s Anniversary Party is April 28th and we’re hosting our annual VIP session and would love to have you there.

Ticket Sales go on sale Feb 22nd at noon: https://smogcity2018.bpt.me

VIP session attendees get special perks and a super special “Celebrating 5 years in Torrance” gift! Plus we’ll have an expanded outdoor taproom, 30+ unique Smog beers on tap at multiple bars around the brewery and parking lot, and our Anniversary Beer Release: AWKWARD TEENAGER

This year marks 5 years at our brewery in Torrance and although we have grown in many ways. Internally we feel like that 15 year old boy who’s 6 ft tall and still knocking lamps off the table cause he doesn’t know how big he is. Our legs are long, our arms are gangly, our clothes don’t fit quite right cause that damn growth spurt caught us off guard. We’re still growing INTO OURSELVES, into who we will become.

So we felt it was appropriate to honor this awkward stage with a beer! Every adult has been there, we’ve all weathered the awkward years…but now we’re doing it knowing that on the otherside is…well…adulting, maybe.

Awkward Teen -SavetheDate2-BPLA


growing our brand and spreading the word

This year has been a big one for Smog…but I feel like I say that every year.

With the addition of our second taproom, Smog City at SteelCraft in Bixby Knolls, and the construction of our amazing(and gigantic) Sour Cellar, we’ve felt like we’ve spent the last year trying to tame a wild horse. Porter and I have had to grow and learn from all of these new experiences in ways we never could have predicted. It’s fun. It’s scary. It’s exhausting and it’s rewarding.

So we’ve been asking ourselves, what will 2018 bring?

At home base, we’re in the midst of the largest expansion of our brewery’s since we opened in Torrance nearly 4.5 years ago. The South Cellar’s construction is well under way- giving new promise to increased limited and seasonal beers as well as our beloved year round releases like Little Bo, Smog City IPA, Sabre-Toothed Squirrel and Coffee Porter (My unabashed favorite) and then there’s the impending arrival of our “big boy” bottling line. It’s crazy to think that 2018 will see Smog City in 6 packs. <mind blown>

We’ve been watching the market and believe strongly that craft beer is finally making the shift from luxury to lifestyle. The introduction of 6 packs by many local craft breweries points to a decline of the single bottle sales(mostly year round beers, not special releases) and an increase in 6 packs- what we call “fridge beer”. This is a shift that we welcome with open arms at Smog.

Our “father’s beer” may be different from our own personal “go-tos” but the loyalty he felt towards his favorite beer is not that much different from your support for local taprooms….with so many choices in the market, your safe place is in the arms of your favorite brewery or breweries. We hope to be the “go-to” for many beer lovers in SoCal, a tried and true brewery that brews stellar beers while still testing and pushing the envelop.

So besides the construction, the 6 packs, the taproom in 2018, our highly anticipated sour program will finally hit its stride. Look for m0re releases of delicious wild and sour barrel-aged goodness, flowing in our taproom and available in small batch releases in the coming year. These experiments, and awesome triumphs, will allow us to push our creativity further.

This year some fan and brewery staff favorites included: A purple carrot and thyme sour called IT’S CARROT THYME!, TYPE OH NEGATIVE, a white wine barrel-aged blonde with black currants, rosemary, and juniper and, of course, the ever delicious and seasonal BRIX LAYER, a sour blonde blended with Riesling juice from our collaborators in Escondido, J. Brix Wines. This beer is directly linked to the wine harvest each year, leading to a “window of opportunity” and a flurry of activity as the grapes are harvested, crushed and rushed to our brewery for addition. A liquid reflection of the year’s harvest.

Our primary focus has always been on the beers, expressing creativity in the brewery and in our beers, but this year we have focused some of our attention on growing a sustainable company. One that prides itself on the quality of its product and the wealth of its culture: We are committed to supporting our staff who work so hard to help us realize our vision.

In 2017, we added a bunch of new employees to the Smog family! Tim Harbage, Cesar Alfaro, Toby Sandland, Josh Pickett, Eddie Padilla, Gabriel Velarde, Sawyer Fox, and Sam Pennington. We’re now totaling 26 employees! Amazing.

In July, we became a proud member of 1% for the Planet, committing 1% of our gross sales in wholesale and the Torrance taproom to non-profits that support and protect the environment. To promote those partnerships, we launched our Pints with Purpose series and so far we’ve partnered with Keep a Breast, Aquarium of the Pacific and our long standing partner, Food Forward! I love seeing the taproom bustling on Thursdays, together we are raising money while raising a glass of independent craft beer. And I especially enjoy the fun experiences our partners bring to the taproom. In November, we even had jellies as our special visitors!! You had to see it to believe it.

Smog City has always felt strongly about our impact on the environment; reuse, recycle, and reclaim have been a part of our brand since we started. Pushing into giving back directly to non-profits is a new route and one that may seem out there, but it feels so “Smoggy”! As always, we forge our own path..often cutting through the weeds to get there.

Smog City is deeply invested in our beers, our staff, our community, our environment- in an ever increasing determination to have a genuine impact on the world. If that is what we have achieved, even on a small scale, then we are proud to be Smog City.

Cheers and thank you for your support!

Laurie and Porter