SteelCraft and a Growing Team


So details of SteelCraft, our coming satellite taproom have dropped…thank you, LA Weekly. Growth at Smog City has been fast but organic and the new taproom feels like a continuation of that…we want to reach more consumers, we want to build more brand recognition and we like selling our beer direct because we get to talk about the product and this company we’ve built. We also LOVE watching communities grow up and around a healthy bustling taproom life…so LBC here we come!

In addition to the new taproom, which is slated for opening between Feb and April, we have also amended our CUP in Torrance for extended taproom hours. As the Southbay has seen small craft breweries thrive, the demand for more hours has been heard! We want to continue to build that local support but we also want to become a destination for beer tourism and being open only a few evening hours a week and weekends has made that tough…SO, Torrance in its typical, We Love Small Business(and especially craft breweries) Way has helped us get there…Now the tricky part; with more hours comes the need for more staff…so we’re looking for some new great additions to our team.

Warning! This isn’t going to be easy. We have strict guidelines and expectations. Below is the job listing; if you or someone you know fits the bill, waves their beer geek flag high and loves Smog City- let us know! At Smog City, we don’t just add staff- we build family- so if you’ve got passion and knowledge of the craft beer world, experience in bars or restaurants and want to join us…we’re here with open arms.


Laurie, Porter and the Smog City Team

Our Smog City Team.

Smog City Brewing Co.

Job Posting – Beertender

Smog City Brewing Co is looking to add to our taproom staff!

This position requires bar and/or service experience – if you do not have experience you will not be considered for this position.


The ideal candidate is passionate and well educated in craft beer, is able to discuss styles, flavor profiles and respond quickly and with knowledge about craft beer beyond just our taproom. You must possess an extraordinary customer service personality, an insane attention to detail, a ridiculous work ethic, and be a team player. Our taproom staff are in effect brand ambassadors; the front line to the craft consumer. Your roll is to expand their knowledge and appreciation for the industry and educate them on our brand. We value our customers and want them leaving with only good memories of their visit…that’s a significant part of your job. Now the nitty-gritty…


We are a small and nimble team who gets a ton of work done with very few employees. If your idea of working in a brewery is standing around and drinking beer, don’t apply.


Job requirements may include, but are not limited to:


  • Greet and serve guests in a polite and respectful manner
  • Answer questions and educate guests about Smog City Brewing Co. beer
  • Speak intelligently and with knowledge about craft beer in general – Beer Geek preferred!
  • Follow all laws as they relate to the serving of alcohol
  • Maintain a safe and clean work environment
  • Bus and clean tables, bars, chairs and stools, keep restrooms clean and stocked
  • Sweep and mop floors as needed
  • Wash and restock glassware
  • Be available to work mornings, afternoons, nights, and weekends
  • Participate in beer festivals and events as needed
  • Work special Smog City Brewing events as needed


Minimum Physical Requirements:

  • Must be in good physical condition and able to maneuver in tight/confined spaces.
  • Must be able to walk, sit, stand, and crouch for extended periods of time.
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs. and maneuver at least 165 lbs.


To Apply:


Send a cover letter and resume to

The subject line of your email should say: “Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers”


The cover letter should describe why you are interested in the position and why Smog City Brewing Company should consider you.



Established in 2011, Smog City Brewing Co. is a brewer owned and operated craft brewery in Torrance, CA. We are devoted to producing creatively inspired and exceptionally balanced beers; each a celebration of whimsy and independence because to be normal is just that. So join us in embracing Different and enjoy our vast array of quirky quality beers.

Grape Ape IPA Returns!!! And We’re Getting Weird…Again.


GRAPE APE IPA: 7.1% abv

Once selected by the L.A. Times as the Most Important SoCal Craft Beer of 2013, The Ape as returned…with a vengeance! This version of the infamous Grape Ape IPA was brewed with Muscat and Semillon grape must and generously hopped with Topaz, Mosaic and Cascade. Read more about Grape Ape and its evolution HERE.

This version of Grape Ape IPA clocks in at 7.1%. Expect a huge bouquet of tropical hop aroma with notes of lychee, mango and candied lemon peel. Belgian Pilsner malt and wheat lend a light bread crust character to complement the tropical hop and grape berry character.

Fun Fact: This is the first time we’ve repeated the recipe. After 2 years of experimentation we feel like we might…just might have found the perfect combination of hops and wine must. Come and see if you agree! We withhold the right to change the recipe in the future should our whims or expertise tell us to!


WEIRD BEER: 6.5% abv

We’re all a little Weird…it’s true. Weird Beer returns and this time around there’s more weird stuff in it but it’s definitely found a wonderful herbal balance between the added ingredients and the Belgian yeast. This version was made with fresh Lemon Verbena, Lemon Thyme, Lemon Peel, Coriander, Sage and Chamomile. Much of which was grown at the brewery. This delightful beer refreshingly bridges the gap between the heat of late summer and welcomed fall temps. Just say, Hello Weirdo!



Both Weird Beer and Grape Ape IPA will see distribution in the Greater L.A. Market!

Available in the taproom for tasters, full pours and growler fills while supplies last.

1901 Del Amo Blvd Ste B

Torrance, CA 90501


Wed-Fri 4-9pm

Sat 12-8pm

Sun 12-6pm

2015 GABF SILVER for Smog’s Kumquat Saison and TWO Bottle Releases!

Kumquat Saison

Making the home team proud!


Someone must have slipped the “Good Timing” Gods a tenner, cause we just won a medal for Kumquat Saison and this weekend, Saturday Oct 3rd, we are releasing it in bottles and serving it on draft in the taproom. Timing couldn’t have been better!

Needless to say, we haven’t stopped celebrating and we would love to continue the celebration of this SILVER at GABF 2015 in the Belgian- Style Fruit Beer Category with you…on Saturday…in our taproom. You in?!




What’s the Great American Beer Fest, you say? Well, it’s the single biggest all American Craft Brewery competition, we like to compare it to winning an Oscar. Follow the GABF link and read more and maybe next year, you’ll join us in Denver!

Back to the Quat!

As a quick recap, Kumquat Saison was born 3 years ago from a tree in Porter and Laurie’s backyard. Originally, this limited fruited saison was a small batch, once a year experimental beer. It is now the cornerstone to a wonderful partnership we launched this year with Food Forward, the non-profit gleaning company that harvests fruit from local backyard trees and salvages throw aways at the L.A. Wholesale market. Food Forward donates to local food banks and shelters and is constantly giving back to the community. Currently, FF clocks in over 13 million pounds of salvaged fruit in 2015! For those of you that don’t do math, that’s a lot of “doing good”. To learn more about our partnership check out this blog I did when the first batch released.

Luckily for Smog City and all of you, kumquats are a highly productive citrus with very limited use. I’d venture that there’s no better use than to make beer with kumquats but I think I’m only slightly biased here.

Beyond just being extraordinarily proud to see this beer medal at GABF, we are even more excited because it is a true passion project of Laurie and Porter’s. More hands contributed to and “crafted” this beer than any other Smog City beer and it truly speaks to the community building benefits of the craft beer movement. I’m convinced that this is our secret ingredient…


These three contributed 250 lbs of kumquats (from one tree) to the first batch! Lorna’s husband (not pictured) planted their kumquat tree in the early 50’s. Wild.

More on Kumquat Saison hère from the LA Times.


To make this weekend’s bottle release a little “sweeter”…We’re releasing a limited amount of Hive Five, honey beer, in bottles on the very same day. That’s right! Two bottle releases in one day. Yay!

LA Beer Week 2013 the LA Brewer’s Guild breweries brewed beers across the county using a common ingredient, honey. Porter fell in love with brewing with honey and specifically with this beer. 2 years later, we’ve decided to bring it back for a limited run.

Hive Five is made using 5 different kinds of locally sourced honeys: Eucalyptus, Avocado, Wild Flower, Buckwheat and Coastal Wild Flower.

Hive Five boasts intense honey aromas and sweetness without being overly sweet. Very floral and fruity with a beautifully balanced malt character.


Our former head brewer, Chris Walowski getting the royal “Hive Five” from Greg Koch of Stone Brewing.

4 bottles per person/Kumquat Saison

4 bottles per person/Hive Five


Taproom Hours

Wed-Fri 4-9pm

Sat 12-8pm

Sun 12-6pm

Farm to Pint- Mulberry Saison



This Mulberry Saison exemplifies all the nuances of our brewery’s mission: to expand and build upon the creativity inherent in brewing beer, to build partnerships within our community and to react to the seasons with beers designed to excite your palate.

For the 2nd consecutive year we will be releasing Mulberry Saison for the taproom and although we are not making nearly enough…we’re celebrate that this batch is twice the size of last years! 80 gallons of this extremely rare fruited version of our L.A. Saison was refermented with 100 lbs of Weiser Family Farm mulberries and will be pouring in our taproom this Thursday.

The result is a slightly hazy ruby colored beer with a delicate balance between yeast derived esters and unripe cherries, raspberry, and an earthy raisin like character.

Our goal was to make a fruit beer like no other and in using Mulberries, we sought balance between base beer and fruit contribution.

Join us this week as we tap the 3rd in our series of 4 fruited Saisons: Peach Saison, Apricot Saison and Mulberry Saison.

Kumquat Saison brewed in collaboration with L.A.’s Food Forward will be released next week.


Taproom Open

Wed-Fri 4-9pm

Saturday 12-8pm

Sunday 12-6pm

Rarest of the Rare II – 2015- #LABW7

It’s LABW7 and we’re 4 days out from Rarest of the Rare!!!! If you love bourbon barrel-aged beer, sour beer, wild beer, experimental beer and all around delicious beer…Rarest of the Rare is the most exciting event of the year…besides our Anniversary Event, course. Everyone loves a good birthday party.

On June 27th from 12-8pm, we dig deep into our cellar and bring out the craziest beers we have available.

The following is your guide to surviving this very special day. Please join us, enjoy, drink responsibly and make sure you have a way to get home safely!




1. First and foremost, we will take over-intoxication very seriously. Please have a way to get home safely, eat lots of food (we have Serendoggity) before, during, and after the event and most importantly…pace yourself

2. Do not park in the Doggy Daycare parking spaces. You will be asked to move you car and you will lose your place in line. We have our half of the parking lot in the front of the building and the center spaces, also the parking lot directly behind our building to the west, plus all of the parking lots to the WEST of us should be open and okay to park in, additionally street parking on Del Amo blvd(across the street) and Gramercy Pl are abundant.



3. Grab a taster menu and a pencil when you arrive. Mark your order before reaching the counter. 4 tasters per person or 2 full pours per order. Of course you are welcome to get back in line and go for more…this will ensure we don’t run out of taster glassware and keeps the line moving.

4. We will have two bars pouring unique beers. At the bottom of this blog will be the list of which beers will be at which bar.

5. Pace yourself!


Our 2015 Anniversary Beer, Steamfunk Brett IPA,         bottles still avail


6. Growler fills- All growler fill orders will be filled at the main bar.

7. Some of the options will be “taster only”, they will be indicated on the tasting menu with an asterix. These extremely limited beers are $4 per taster.

8. Food Vendor, Serendoggity will be serving up delicious gourmet hotdogs. EAT!

9. Old Fashioned O.E., our delicious beer cocktail made with bitters, orange bitters, orange zest and FIRE, will be making its return! $7/glass, no tasters


Old Fashioned O.E. ©Bernie Wire


10. Pace Yourself!

11. Wanna hashtag on social media? Use #smogcitybeer and @smogcitybeer for twitter and instagram. @smogcitybrewing for Facebook. Plus #RarestOfTheRare  #LABW7 @LABrewers

Share the love and tell everyone!


Our Smog City Team.

Our Smog City Team plus Tall Ryan.


12. Most importantly, have an amazing day enjoying our beers, and thank you for spending LABW with Smog City Brewing.

*Location of beers subject to change but this is our best guess at this time.


-Infinite Wishes-
Bourbon Barrel Aged Imp. Stout
Double Chocolate Imp. Stout
-Bourbon Collaborative Evil-
BBA Imp. Stout – collaboration w/
Beachwood Brewing
-Bourbon Red-
3 year old BBA Strong Red Ale
-Bourbon Imperial Porter-
3 year old BBA Strong Porter
-2011 Olde English (O.E.)-
Non-Barrel Aged English Barleywine
-Mystery Year Bourbon O.E.-
BBA English Barleywine
unknown vintage!
Strong Saison brewed w/ Merlot then
refermented w/ Riesling must
-Spittin’ n Cussin’-
Wine Barrel Aged Sour
Brown w/ Cherries
Batch 2 BBA Belgian Golden
Saison refermented w/ Kumquats
-Chip Shot Coffee Porter-
Spiced Coffee Porter
-Bloody Knuckle-
Robust Porter on Nitro
-L.A. Saison-
 -Hoptonic IPA-


-2012 Bourbon O.E.-
Vintage BBA English Barleywine
Bourbon Barrel-Aged
English Barleywine
Won GOLD at San Diego Int’l Beer Competition 2015!
-Old Fashioned O.E.-
Beer cocktail w/ 2015 B.O.E.
Steamfunk 100% Brett IPA
-Fluffy Fuzz Buzz-
Sabre Toothed Squirrel w/
Coffee and Cascara
-My Tai HopT-
Hoptonic IPA w/ Coconut
-2015 Unity
Tart Saison – official beer
of LA Beer Week 7
-Pomegranate Unity-
Unity Saison refermented
w/ Pom Molasses
Sour Blonde w/
Peach and Apricot

Bloody Knuckle in a Belgian for dramatic impact.

Check out our tap list from 2013 Rarest of the Rare!

Rarest of the Rare II

1901 Del Amo Blvd Ste B

Torrance, CA 90501




American Craft Beer Week – May 11th-17th 2015

How did you celebrate American Craft Beer Week?

We rocked our favorite past-time…Macro Beer Golf. Get down to the taproom to enjoy local, support local and the revel in The Craft.

Steamfunk Brett IPA Bottle Release – Anniversary 2015



Steamfunk Brett IPA

6.8% abv

Much Hops and Much “Bretts” which makes it Much Delicious!


This golden IPA was fermented with Brettanomyces and dry-hopped with experimental hops to amp the Brett fueled funk.
Expect pineapple, melon, ripe cheese, papaya and subtle sweet lemon above the earthy, and yes, funky flavors that Brett lends to this beer.

Debuts at our Anniversary 2015 Party Saturday, May 9th. 

Sold Out VIP Session 11-1pm, General Admission 1pm-8pm

Growlers Available $22, Bottles $10 and Case discount 12/$100


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