This is who we are.

I’ve never written a blog before. Confessional? I guess it’s more of a warning. The fact is, I’ve never written a blog but I have an adventure unfolding and I think it’ll be one worth recording.

My husband and I recently started a small local beer brand called Smog City Brewing Co. in sunny Los Angeles. Once known as the “beer wasteland”, the city has recently welcomed with open arms an exploding craft beer community. As though the planets aligned leaving us with a perfect balance between educated beer drinkers, increasingly courageous beer drinkers, talented brewers to meet and foster that appetite and financiers to get these capital intensive businesses off of the ground, LA is coming into its own in the beer world.

Our beer, Smog City, is still in its fledgling phase. We just started selling to bars and restaurants in the area a mere three weeks ago. Our output is about 45 kegs  every two weeks which is so small we would barely register on the keg-o-meter, if there was one and we would be called a boutique brewery if that was a name. So yes, we are that small and that new.

My husband, Porter is the brewer at Tustin Brewing Co in the OC (Orange county for you out-of-towners). Our goal for the past six years has been to open our own facility, sell our own beer and put my perfectionist work-aholic ¬†husband to work for us not some boss in a suit. Luckily for us we’ve found a fortuitous partnership with his current boss at TBC, Jason Jeralds (who does not wear a suit by the way. He’s more of a flip flops and board shorts kind of guy).

So with a new business developing and a craft beer community in super overdrive, this blog will be about building a brewery and what we find out there in this city that’s just finding its taste buds. Join us as we celebrate, grow, slip and fall flat on our metaphorical faces, and recover with class…this will be a thrill ride, I hope and one that ends with a happy ending…or no ending at all!

Phew, that didn’t hurt too bad but I think I need a beer now.