At long last we at Smog City Brewing can share with you our 1st anniversary artwork!!! October will mark the 1 year anniversary for Smog City Brewing. We will be celebrating in a series of events across L.A. county and I hope you can make it out to celebrate with us…now on to the our new art!

We mentioned in our call for entries that Porter and I are avid art supporters and especially local art. Before we had our son, we bought art from local galleries and loved the developing and exploding Pop Surrealism trend…it might even have been considered an addiction. This call for entries has brought the art back into our lives. We are back to where we were but now it’s so much more personal…this is Smog City Brewing ART!!!

Meet Smog City(no relation), one of L.A.’s resident graffiti artists. In the city of Smog, it’s not so strange that we share a name, right!? You’ve probably seen his work up and around L.A.  We first became aware of Smog City at our tap takeover last February. A couple of guys brought in a postcard from his show and asked if we’d heard of him. We still have that postcard.

Our first thought upon seeing the art was “Let’s collaborate!” As we were in our fledgling stages, we weren’t quite ready to meet or work with Smog so we decided to wait until we had a great opportunity.

When the idea came up to make our 1st anniversary really special, we thought we’re throw him into the frey and see what happened. Obviously we are a match made…

This piece was selected because it felt more like an extension of Smog City Brewing’s logo and less a reinvention. I know I asked for something slightly different, but sometimes it takes an artist to nail what will make a concept really sing. Another winning aspect of this piece is the complexity masked as simplicity. We lived with all of the entries on our wall from the day they came in and there are aspects of this piece that I didn’t notice until a week later. We love the second and perhaps third reads in it…subtle things come out when you give it some time. I’ll leave the discovery to you.

Visit Smog City’s website and check out his artwork and manifesto. Can’t wait to see what else we’ll be doing with him in the future.

Again, a HUGE thank you to everyone who sent in entries. All of the pieces were excellent and selecting a winner was more about who best represented Smog City Brewing rather than whose art was the best. All the entries were incredibly professional and well executed. We thank you for putting in so much time on the artwork! Believe me, we feel your love and hope to return it tenfold with lots of delicious beers.

We’ll be making Tshirts for our 1st anniversary so please let me know if you’d like one! Cost $20. We’ll give you more info soon regarding the chosen color and final design. Feel free to email me at

Also, we’d love to hear your thoughts on Smog City’s artwork! Leave us a comment below!


Laurie and Porter