The Nothing

SMOG CITY- “The Nothing”

Double Chocolate Imperial Stout

9.6% abv

An extremely dark and rich strong stout brewed with 2 types of chocolate malt and aged on 2 types of cacao nibs.

With an aroma of raw cocoa and a pointed nuttiness, this full bodied black ale has a subtle chocolate cake sweetness and intense dark chocolate flavors.  Finishes fairly dry with light roast and a lingering cocoa powder aftertaste.

A strong stout with intense dark chocolate and cocoa flavors.

Buzz words: Strong, dark, Imperial Stout, DARK CHOCOLATE, chocolate, cocoa, cocoa powder, subtle sweetness, balanced bitterness…

WHAT THE HECK ARE CACAO NIBS? “Cacao nibs are basically raw chocolate, pieces of cacao beans that have been roasted, hulled and prepped to the point where all that there is left to do is process them into bars. The chocolate-making process involves grinding up the cacao into a thick paste to which extra cacao butter, sugar, milk and other flavorings are added.” Thanks!

WHERE DID THE NAME COME FROM? The Nothing is named for its deep rich blackness; this beer reminded Smog City’s brewer, Porter, of The Nothing from The NeverEnding Story. Popular misconception: Gmork, the wolf-like villain in the movie is often mistaken for The Nothing. No pictures exist of The Nothing, as it is literally the absence of something…like the color white!

Gmork from The NeverEnding Story, 1984

Artwork of Gmork from The Tripel

Artwork of Gmork from The Tripel