We’re recycling everything we can; save the environment, save money, build something with your hands…we like it all. By now you should all know about our preoccupation with all things handcrafted.

Just so you all know, I'm working my butt off too!

A photo to prove I’m working my butt off too!

I’m currently working on my pet project- the taproom. Porter built the brewery and I get to build the taproom…sweet!

Here’s a look at the recycling transformation of our taproom bar. We received a bunch of free bamboo siding from an old wine cellar (Thanks Brett Acker!) and two of the pieces just happened to be the perfect size for a bar top. The seed was planted and the process begun. We have not completed it yet but here’s a peek into the building of our taproom bar.

This is what the bamboo pieces looked like to begin with.

This is what the bamboo pieces looked like to begin with.

On a related note: One of our friends and a Smog City fan, Sandro Chiavaro of Beer Circles, is a skilled carpenter. He offered to make us some taproom furniture and after a short consultation we decided on recycling our bourbon barrels into tables. We gave him the barrels (they had once held the Bourbon Barrel-Aged O.E.in their bellys for 19 months- you may remember the beer from our recent Beer Belly event). Sandro turned one of them into this beautiful work of ART. The only thing that’s not original barrel are the fasteners holding it together…everything else is reclaimed. Well done, Sandro!!

Taproom Table by Sandro

Taproom Table by Sandro Chiavaro

So…since we already had the deep rich brown of the barrel table, we wanted to make the woods used in our taproom consistent. We sanded down the bamboo and restained them using the same walnut stain.

This is what the bamboo looks like as we're applying its new stain.

This is the bamboo as we’re applying its new stain.

You’ll have to come see it in person, photos just aren’t doing either piece justice. Hey! A great excuse to come drink beer in our taproom when it opens!

EK8A0201For the bar’s substructure, we’re using the pallet that our glycol lines came in. It had to be cut down quite a bit but the basic structure is incredibly well-made and sturdy. We have been making great use of the shipping crates and pallets that have come into the brewery during construction. More on that in a future blog. Back to sparks and hand tools…

Burn 'em Brett!

Burn ’em Brett works his magic!

Brett Acker has been converting this huge pallet into the structure that our bar top to sit on! Watch it grow more and more bar-like…

The Back Bar.

The Back Bar.

The bar with one side on, just to check it out

The bar with one side on, just to check it out

It’s missing the varnish, a shelf for glassware, the casters, paint and some nice trim but we’re getting mighty close! This sweet baby and Sandro’s gorgeous tables will be cradling your pints and Belgian glassware very soon. Promise!