School of BJ’s Brewer Panel Discussion today from 5-7pm

Smog City Taproom

1901 Del Amo Blvd

Torrance, CA 90501


There’s an unofficial “school of brewing” that helped some of LA’s most recognizable brewers emerge…once assistant brewers and head brewers, these guys have now gone off and started their own breweries or work for major breweries in the LA area. These brewers are now helping to drive the craft beer industry in L.A. towards National recognition.

Today at 5pm, these five brewers will be coming to Smog City’s taproom for a panel discussion lead by Daniel Drennon of Beer Paper LA (amongst other things!) about what BJ’s did for them and how it helped define their careers. From an unlikely place, exceptional talent has arisen.

Tyler King –The Bruery

Jonathan Porter- Smog City

Owen Williams- Ritual Brewing

Evan Price- Noble Ale Works

David Giffiths- Ladyface Ale Companie