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Smog City and The Birthday Boys on IFC!

See Smog City Brewing on IFC! Click on the photo to watch our episode! Also, look for our Smog City tap handle in the background of the Pool Shark episode. (as soon as I locate a link, I’ll post that too!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 10.28.26 AM

969272_571682772900950_1605889597_nFor the screening, we were joined by Dave Ferguson of The Birthday Boys! The Birthday Boys is made up of 7 improv artists, recently discovered making people laugh in L.A. by Bob Odenkirk. They write, direct and act in their own skits. The thing that stands out about these guys is how down to earth they all are and their passion for the craft. Whether it be beer or comedy, it’s all about building something genuine, something that’s inherently “you”. These guys are doing just that. It was an absolute joy to work with all of them. Thanks Guys!

Looking forward to more collaborations in the future. 7 Smoggy Brothers Brew, anyone?!?!

Smog City Brewing Debuts on IFC!


Friday, Nov 22nd, Smog City Brewery’s Screen Debut on IFC @ Cinco -10pm

There’s really nothing quite like the excitement of a film shoot…and for once Porter wasn’t the star, our brewery was!
Smog City is featured in the new comedy sketch show- The Birthday Boys. We’ll be watching it air at Cinco in Westchester with a wonderful selection of Smog City Beers on tap!! Join us and help us hoot and holla’ for our brewery’s small screen debut!



7241 West Manchester Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Fan Appreciation Event!! 11/16


Yesterday’s Fan Appreciation Event was an epic success. We are so very lucky to have such amazing and supportive fans. You bring the best energy, excitement and camaraderie to our brewery and everyday we are more and more thankful for you.  Best part is that yesterday everyone was feeling it!

We are honored by your support, your enthusiasm and will work hard to continue to be the Best Local Brewery in LA!

An additional thank you to the volunteers who worked the bar and washed dishes and kept the beer flowing! We couldn’t have done it as smoothly, seamlessly, and made it look so effortless without you guys pulling the strings behind the scenes. Thank you Noel Brohner, Bob Young, Ryan Cochran, Natalie Obermaier, Nik Syam, and Nate Soroko!


Laurie, Porter and the Smog City Crew

PS: Wish we had a better photo but it was so busy about 10 mints after this shot was taken that no one had a chance to stop and take more pictures!








GrapeApe IPA, A Creative Process


UPDATE: 1/2/14:

This delicious concoction is just now getting the traction we hoped to see in 2013! 2014 is gonna be a good year! Keep your eyes peeled for one of the top 3 beers of 2013 according to LA Times beer writer John Verive who named GrapeApe IPA alongside Noble’s Naughty Sauce and GRB’s Heal The Bay IPA in his Three Most Important Beers of Southern California article.

Coming out later this month is our extremely limited release, Batch 100. A Double IPA made with Viogner grapes to celebrate 100 brews in the new Torrance facility. Batch 100 will be available in our taproom and in limited release to select accounts across the L.A. area. 

Pasadena and Eastside Folks! We have a beer dinner Feb 6th at King’s Row Gastropub that will have Batch 100 on for one of its courses. Check in with them for availability and reservations.  

King’s Row: 20 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91105       626.793.3010

Now back to your previously televised program…

There’s something you need to know about Smog City and our new beer, GrapeApe IPA…we’re pushing the boundaries and this isn’t the first time.

When Porter first created the recipe for Groundwork Coffee Porter a little over two years ago, very few were doing coffee beers and even less were doing them well. Now, coffee beers are all the rage. They are delicious and amazing and honestly, the best of both worlds. Good news is Smog City, Porter and his crew are doing it again but this time with wine grapes in an IPA.

Who in their right mind would think to combine wine grapes with IPA? Well, one brewery leaps off the tip of my tongue. The ever experimenting Dogfish Head and their Sixty-One IPA made with Syrah Grapes….this beer got Porter and his assistants talking. Why NOT make IPAs with wine grapes? The grapes add berry and fruit esters that hops cannot. They also pair amazingly well with the more unique hops that we are trying out. And thus GrapeApe IPA was born.

We are designing and redesigning this beer. Each time we brew it, we will be using different grape varietals, adding them at different points during the brewing and fermentation process until we hone in on the perfect, not-to-be-out-done, most delicious version of GrapeApe IPA.

And that means that as we brew GrapeApe it will change; the GrapeApe you had one month ago may not be the same GrapeApe you have next month but rest assured, we will not release a GrapeApe that is anything less than STELLAR! In addition, YOU get to be apart of the process. You will have an opportunity to experience the evolution and the process of creation while enjoying a delicious beer! You may have your own personal favorites along the way but hopefully, you’ll enjoy each one for its own unique qualities.

We don’t know of any other brewery to open up the creative process to the public like this but we’re not afraid to share our successes with you! It’s about the journey, not the destination…okay, it’s also about the destination…but we thrive on challenges and adventures and the crafting of beers. That’s what makes beer so amazing; it’s alive and it should be ever changing. So enjoy the ride, we aim to take you on a good one!

GrapeApe IPA with Muscat – 8.1% abc

This GrapeApe IPA is currently available in our taproom…but not for long.  Most assume that the muscat lends a sweetness to the beer but of course, the hungry yeast loves sugar and so the result was a drier IPA than our other two IPAs and a higher ABV; GrapeApe clocks in at 8.1%.

Expect a huge bouquet of tropical hop aroma with notes of lychee, mango, and candied lemon peel. Belgian Pilsner malt and wheat lend a light bread crust character to complement the tropical hop and Muscat berry flavors.

GrapeApe IPA with Chardonnay – 7.4% abv

An experimental IPA brewed with Chardonnay grape juice and features Australian Topaz and Simcoe hops

Expect a huge bouquet of fruity tropical hop aromas with notes of pear, mango, and light spice. Chardonnay contributes peach and pear flavors while Belgian pilsner and wheat malts add cracker and bread crust to lightly sweet malt and a soft bitter finish.

We’ve dropped the growler price for the current GrapeApe IPA with Muscat to $18! Come see us in our taproom, we’ve got GrapeApe IPA with Chardonnay on deck! Come and help us blow through the first batch so we can get the new one on line! GrapeApe IPA is regularly $22 for growler fills.

Also, be sure to check out the Los Angeles IPA Festival at Mohawk Bend this weekend! It’s a competition to see whose IPA will bring home the win. We’ve entered GrapeApe IPA with Chardonnay. Believe us, this event is worth attending!


Beer Dinner at Chez Melange, Nov 25th!

The Southbay Breweries have come together for a beer dinner you don’t want to miss. Get your dinner reservations booked now!!

chez melange dinner

Smog City Voted Best Local Brewery 2013!

©Bernie Wire

©Bernie Wire

This year, we were among 11 breweries in L.A. entered into L.A. Hotlist’s voting for Best Local Brewery. To win it took your support, it took your votes and it took GREAT BEER! Thanks to YOU we were voted BEST LOCAL BREWERY of 2013!!

Smog City is built on the foundation of Porter’s stellar recipes and expertise but we strive to be so much more than that. We foster community, we bring people together, we build the craft, thrive on creativity and work tirelessly to make L.A. a destination for craft beer drinkers across the country. Of course we cannot do this alone and the many amazing breweries we were in contention with are all working together to make L.A. something special and amazing.

Perhaps it’s an LA mentality I’m wrapped up in but it feels like everyone is watching and waiting to see what L.A. will deliver and the breweries here are rising to the occasion. On top of being a fledgling craft beer destination, the L.A craft beer scene mirrors the city’s diversity with an equally diverse group of breweries. We have Belgian-inspired Monkish, IPA powerhouses like El Segundo Brewing Co and Strand Brewing Co, small specialty based like Ohana and GABF “super winners” Beachwood Brewery (see this article from Beer PaperLA), fabulous Eaglerock Brewery and the ever inspiring Ladyface Ale Companie among many more! We are honored to share the stage with all of them and continue to participate to the explosion of the L.A. craft beer scene.


Truth is we love brewing and the more support we have, the more beer we can make. So a huge thank you to those of you who voted, who visit our taproom and buy our beers at local bars and restuarants! We were honored to be nominated and humbled by the win. Cheers and Thank you.

NOV 16th, 12-4pm Fan Appreciation and LA Hotlist Celebration Party!

So….When you win something, it’s only appropriate to celebrate with a party and thank our fans!

Please join us

Saturday, Nov 16th: 

12-4pm for celebratory $1 samples and $3 beers

The taproom will be open regular hours with regular prices from 4-8pm following the party.  

Here’s to continuing to take beer to the next level in 2014! Cheers!

Cheers to Beers!

Cheers to Beers!

Details on The Fan Appreciation Event!!

Order will be limited to 4 $1 tasters or $2 fill pours per person. Feel free to hop in line as many times as you like but if we allow unlimited tasters, we will quickly run out of glassware!  Thanks for your understanding and patience!

Here’s the TapList! We anticipate kicking the Simcoe and Amarillo Pils before the event but are not sure! Sadly Amarilla Gorilla IPA has a prior engagement and will miss the event but his best friend Hoptonic IPA and GrapeApe IPA will pick up where he left off! Plus you IPA Lovers can use this as an excuse to try other styles!

Bloody Knuckle and Margherita Tripel are back on and NEW “Chip Shot” Coffee Porter- This one is closer to the actual cocktail it’s named for…think of a chocolate covered orange with coffee!

One last piece of business, PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN OUR NEIGHBOR’S PARKING SPACES! When we have big events, we must be extra attentive to our neighbors and don’t want to ruffle any feathers! So park across the street on Del Amo Blvd or Gramercy Pl or the parking lot to our WEST! Away from Doggie Daycare. THANK YOU!