©Bernie Wire

©Bernie Wire

This year, we were among 11 breweries in L.A. entered into L.A. Hotlist’s voting for Best Local Brewery. To win it took your support, it took your votes and it took GREAT BEER! Thanks to YOU we were voted BEST LOCAL BREWERY of 2013!!

Smog City is built on the foundation of Porter’s stellar recipes and expertise but we strive to be so much more than that. We foster community, we bring people together, we build the craft, thrive on creativity and work tirelessly to make L.A. a destination for craft beer drinkers across the country. Of course we cannot do this alone and the many amazing breweries we were in contention with are all working together to make L.A. something special and amazing.

Perhaps it’s an LA mentality I’m wrapped up in but it feels like everyone is watching and waiting to see what L.A. will deliver and the breweries here are rising to the occasion. On top of being a fledgling craft beer destination, the L.A craft beer scene mirrors the city’s diversity with an equally diverse group of breweries. We have Belgian-inspired Monkish, IPA powerhouses like El Segundo Brewing Co and Strand Brewing Co, small specialty based like Ohana and GABF “super winners” Beachwood Brewery (see this article from Beer PaperLA), fabulous Eaglerock Brewery and the ever inspiring Ladyface Ale Companie among many more! We are honored to share the stage with all of them and continue to participate to the explosion of the L.A. craft beer scene.


Truth is we love brewing and the more support we have, the more beer we can make. So a huge thank you to those of you who voted, who visit our taproom and buy our beers at local bars and restuarants! We were honored to be nominated and humbled by the win. Cheers and Thank you.

NOV 16th, 12-4pm Fan Appreciation and LA Hotlist Celebration Party!

So….When you win something, it’s only appropriate to celebrate with a party and thank our fans!

Please join us

Saturday, Nov 16th: 

12-4pm for celebratory $1 samples and $3 beers

The taproom will be open regular hours with regular prices from 4-8pm following the party.  

Here’s to continuing to take beer to the next level in 2014! Cheers!

Cheers to Beers!

Cheers to Beers!

Details on The Fan Appreciation Event!!

Order will be limited to 4 $1 tasters or $2 fill pours per person. Feel free to hop in line as many times as you like but if we allow unlimited tasters, we will quickly run out of glassware!  Thanks for your understanding and patience!

Here’s the TapList! We anticipate kicking the Simcoe and Amarillo Pils before the event but are not sure! Sadly Amarilla Gorilla IPA has a prior engagement and will miss the event but his best friend Hoptonic IPA and GrapeApe IPA will pick up where he left off! Plus you IPA Lovers can use this as an excuse to try other styles!

Bloody Knuckle and Margherita Tripel are back on and NEW “Chip Shot” Coffee Porter- This one is closer to the actual cocktail it’s named for…think of a chocolate covered orange with coffee!

One last piece of business, PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN OUR NEIGHBOR’S PARKING SPACES! When we have big events, we must be extra attentive to our neighbors and don’t want to ruffle any feathers! So park across the street on Del Amo Blvd or Gramercy Pl or the parking lot to our WEST! Away from Doggie Daycare. THANK YOU!