See Smog City Brewing on IFC! Click on the photo to watch our episode! Also, look for our Smog City tap handle in the background of the Pool Shark episode. (as soon as I locate a link, I’ll post that too!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 10.28.26 AM

969272_571682772900950_1605889597_nFor the screening, we were joined by Dave Ferguson of The Birthday Boys! The Birthday Boys is made up of 7 improv artists, recently discovered making people laugh in L.A. by Bob Odenkirk. They write, direct and act in their own skits. The thing that stands out about these guys is how down to earth they all are and their passion for the craft. Whether it be beer or comedy, it’s all about building something genuine, something that’s inherently “you”. These guys are doing just that. It was an absolute joy to work with all of them. Thanks Guys!

Looking forward to more collaborations in the future. 7 Smoggy Brothers Brew, anyone?!?!