What would you give to be a fly on the wall of our office when the brewers are verbally hashing out a recipe for a future beer? Keep reading and hopefully you can get a sense of the types of discussions that are going on each and every day here at Smog City.

It all starts when Chris walks into the office one morning and reminds everyone that the recipe for the next sour beer still has to be finalized and we only have two days to decide what is being made if the ordering deadline is going to be met.

 Porter, glancing up for just a second, excitedly questions, “now?!” and no time is wasted getting to work. Within a matter of minutes and a handful of “two steps forward, one step backward” series of conversations over what malts to use, they know what they’re making.  Watching these two weave a mental and verbal web of processes and terminology it becomes clear just how important their combined decade-plus of experience is. Color, aroma, initial flavor, finishing flavor, mouthfeel, aging potential among others all make their way into the discussion.  Then yeast is brought up.  Should a saccharomyces strain be pitched?  Do we have enough Brettanomyces to give the character that is desired?  What about a custom blend to get it just right?  After another minute: done. Within ten minutes of walking through the door, Chris is walking back out as Porter gets on the phone to order malt.

Some beers take years to perfect.  This one gets brewed next week and will take over a year to finish.  This one is a Golden Strong which will be going into bourbon and wine barrels. Stay tuned for updates.