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FL Craft Beer Fights the Good Fight


About 7 years ago, Porter and I considered moving to FL to start our own brewery, deep roots here in L.A. and the realization that the L.A. craft beer market was on the verge of a renaissance convinced us to stay put. One additional issue kept us here and OUT of FL. The antiquated three-tier system and looming control of a gigantic behemoth called Macro Distributors. It was a mountain we felt we could never climb.

We’ve watched the craft beer industry grow and develop in FL with great pride (this is Laurie’s home state) but the recent developments in policy and legislation is extremely sad.

Sending our best to our brothers in the Sunshine State. The big guys are playing dirty…consider this evidence that Florida’s craft brewers and breweries are doing something RIGHT…however this doesn’t change anything until it does.


Anniversary Beer Brew Day

To celebrate our anniversary coming up on the 17th of May, our Smog City staff got together to brew a special release!

Anni, as we affectionately refer to it, is a Strong Saison brewed with Merlot. We used Galaxy and Meridian hops,with wheat, pilsner and oats. A light pinkish hue and delicious Belgian character will set this beer apart.

Here’s a look at our brew day! Not pictured: Laurie, but she was most certainly there doing hop additions, making coffee and taking all of these photos!

Join us May 17th 12-8pm for our Anniversary Event at the brewery. We’ll be releasing Anni as well as other special limited releases (to be announced) plus a Limited Anniversary Growler with a new design!! It’s gonna knock your socks off. And if that’s not enough, we are anticipating a major announcement that will coincide with this event, but we’re not quite ready to let you in on that little secret…not quite yet.

RSVP on our Facebook event page to learn about updates on this event.



photo 3

photo 2




photo 4

Coffee with a makeshift coffee kookie.

photo 3

Grains Out!

photo 2

Adding Merlot while Porter looks on

photo 1

“Get off of my brew deck!” says Chris Walowski. Clean up the brew is done!