Saturday June 7th, 12-8pm

@Smog City Brewing’s Taproom

1901 Del Amo Blvd Ste B

Torrance, CA 90501


We’re finally up and running with our bottles. As I type we are labeling and filling Coffee Porter for the first time! The clinking is like music to my ears. The Nothing bottles will be getting their final dressings (labels) today or tomorrow and we’ll be ready just in time for our June 7th release!

You’ll see that we’ve imbued the same amount of personality into our labels as we have our beer names and the creativity of our recipes. Our core brands will each feature “characters” that resonate with the beer’s name and as our first core brand to launch, Coffee Porter does not disappoint! This little guy is known as The Caffeinated Beer Bot. We hope you’ll spend some time with this stellar label and really get to know him!



Our first special release in a bottle is The Nothing. Although we don’t want to get sued by a certain movie production company, our label offers a couple nods to one of our favorite childhood movies. This is in a funny way a huge moment for us, The Nothing accurately reflects our personal (and brand) quirkiness and playfulness as well as the proper amount of sophistication necessary for such a beautifully crafted beer as this dark Double Chocolate Imperial Stout.


Details for the bottle release can be found on our Facebook event page