Smog City makes it onto Brew Dogs on the Esquire Network and is named second best brewery in L.A.! We are in great company.

If you know craft beer, you’ve at least heard of the Brew Dogs. We’re proud to say they’ve now drunk and enjoyed our Hoptonic IPA (it’s on film, there’s proof!) and gave a major shout out to Coffee Porter. Duh!

Check out this one small cut from the show(shared with us by a taproom regular, thanks Jose!), then go watch the whole episode!

PS: We don’t think being in Torrance is an “inconvenient truth”…but if that’s all they can come up with…we’ll take it. Come see us in our taproom and prove to the world that Torrance isn’t that far. 🙂

Keep your peepers peeled for Chris Walowski! *He’s on TV!!!!  *Chris asked me to remind you.