We’re gearing up for the release of The Nothing, our winter seasonal, a double chocolate Imperial Stout on Jan 17th!

The Deets
We’re very excited about this release! This will be the third time that we’ve brewed The Nothing but only the second year it has been bottled. The vintage is printed on the label, so that collectors or those seeking a vertical(in a few years, :0) ) can keep track! For those of you that have not had it yet, expect a big beautiful smooth Imperial Stout aged on over 70lbs of raw cocoa nibs. Think dark rich complex bitteness coming from the nibs and full bodied roast.
Vintage 2015, The Nothing, a Double Chocolate Imperial Stout

Vintage 2015, The Nothing, a Double Chocolate Imperial Stout

 The Nothing | 9.7% ABV

Winter Seasonal.  This double chocolate imperial stout aged on raw cocoa nibs is about as decadent as they come.  This fan favorite is brewed once a year and its anticipated return is wide spread.  Named in honor of The Neverending Story’s character, The Nothing, who was the embodiment of lost hope and dreams and is set upon destroying Fantasia. 

The Nothing and Infinite Wishes Release January 17th, 2015.
Smog City Taproom
1901 Del Amo Blvd 90501
Saturday 12-8pm

The Nothing in Bourbon which is now, Infinite Wishes 2015

Wait, what’s Infinite Wishes?!?!?
Well, glad you asked. Inifinite Wishes is The Nothing aged in bourbon barrels for almost exactly one year. We’ll hosting a simultaneous release of The Nothing and Inifinite Wishes. We describe this incredible elixir as a bourbon barrel roll down a hill of dark chocolate! Yes, it’s that good- you’ll probably find yourself hooting and hollaring before, during and after each sip.
You’re Welcome. 🙂
See you Saturday, Jan 17th! We’ll be hosting Serendoggity for tasty gourmet hotdogs.

Next Year’s Infinite Wishes in barrels. Already anticipating 2016!