Hi all! It’s that time of year again…we’re working hard here at Smog City wrapping our brains around the anticipated turnout for our anniversary event on May 9th. It’s going to be a great day and we’re going to make sure that EVERYONE has a blast.

So…as we love to do, we’re going to give you a head’s up on what the general layout will be like for the BIG day and how to navigate it. As we said with Rarest of the Rare 2013(ps: we’re hosting our 2nd Rarest of the Rare 2015 during LA Beer Week on June 27th, mark your calendars!!), Here’s our Survival Guide for Smog City’s Anniversary!

OUr Smog City Team. Each year we all come together to brew the Anniversary Beer. This was that day.  So proud to be apart of this family we have built together.

Our Smog City Team. Each year we all come together to brew the Anniversary Beer. This was that day and Steamfunk Brett IPA was born.
So proud our awesome beer family.

General Details

Anniversary Event: May 9th

VIP Session (SOLD OUT): 11-1pm

General Public (no tix necessary): 1-8pm

Address: 1901 Del Amo Blvd, Ste B Torrance, CA 90501

Phone: 310-320-7664

Okay, Let’s get down to it!!

one try, two tries, three tries…FOUR! High Five, Bro!

one try, two tries, three tries…FOUR! High Five, Bro!

Anniversary Beer 2015!

Steamfunk Brett IPA

What the heck is this?! Each year we choose the Anniversary beer style based on a couple of questions. 1. What’s gets the brewers excited? 2. We’re always looking for a new challenge! 3. Porter brewed a pilot batch a few months back and we tested it out in our taproom. General consensus was double thumbs up. In fact, we kicked 10 gals on a Wednesday night…the people have spoken.

Steamfunk Brett IPA was born. We emphasize the FUNK in Steamfunk. It’s one crazy, hoppy, funky complex work of beer art. Brewed as a team by the Smog City crew.

Much Hops and Much “Bretts” which makes it Much Delicious!

Steamfunk Brett IPA
6.8% abv
This golden IPA was fermented with Brettanomyces and dry-hopped with experimental hops to amp the Brett fueled funk.
Expect pineapple, melon, ripe cheese, papaya and subtle sweet lemon above the earthy, and yes, funky flavors that Brett lends to this beer.

VIP Session Info


If you are part of our VIP Session (thank you!), here are some details that will be important to know about.

We’ll be opening the doors at 11am, but will be checking people in prior to the start time to ensure we get you in the door and enjoying the festivities as quickly as possible,

You’ll receive a Tasting Menu, 4 taster tickets and 1 Atomic Kangarue ticket on us. Please use your tickets to try out the plethora of crazy cellared and experimental beers we will have throughout the brewery (there will be three bars!!)

You’ll also get a wristband. When you are ready to collect your tote bag and bottles of Steamfunk Brett IPA, come to the MAIN BAR (don’t wait in line, please). There you will trade in your wristband for your takeaways! You may buy extra bottles at this time but please no pours or tasters or growler fills. This will help keep the lines moving.

For all attending: Case Discount of Steamfunk Brett IPA is $100, single bottles are $10. YAY!!!

Between 11-1pm, you may enjoy unlimited taster pours of our core beers. We ask you to please be considerate of our glass situation, we will be maxed out, so order one pour at a time. With three bars running and only 150 people, there should be little or no wait when you’re ready for your next palate cleanser!

Black Currant Saison which debuted at last year’s Anniversary Event, will be available in bottles during the VIP Session and if they last into the general admission as well. Only 21 cases available and 4 max per person. $10 each. Bottles will be available for purchase at the Brewer’s Bar next to the brewhouse. There are some pretty awesome offerings at this bar, so be sure to read on and see what will be on tap!

Atomic Kangarue will be on tap at the Main Bar. You will have a special ticket for a taster of this beer. We only have enough for everyone to enjoy a taster, so please understand we cannot give you full pours. Come to the Main Bar for this beer. PLEASE NOTE: Per ABC regulations, this beer can ONLY be served during the VIP session. We will have to pull it off tap at 1pm, so do not wait until after 1pm to try and get your taster. It will NOT be available.

Cuddlebug: Get a sneak peak at Cuddlebug, our peach sour slated for bottle release at the END of May. Bottles are quietly conditioning, so sales will not be available during this event. Limited amounts available but we do expect it to last through VIP and into General Admission. Cuddlebug will be available at the Main Bar.

Walowski holding court

Walowski holding court

General Admission and Bar Details

Open 1-8pm

Gates will open at 1pm, no tickets or reservations are necessary t0 attend this portion of our festivities!!

We will have THREE bars set up throughout the brewery.

Main Bar:
Steamfunk Brett IPA
Cuddlebug – Peach Sour
Atomic Kangarue – Collab with The Bruery. One only during VIP Session
Sour Brown
Kumquat Saison- Collab with Food Forward
Anniversary Beer 2014
Oldie Goldie
Chipshot Coffee Porter
Bloody Knuckle on Nitro
Zwickel Bo Nitro
Little Bo Pils
L.A. Saison
Hoptonic IPA
Sabre-Toothed Squirrel
Coffee Porter

Hops/Brite Tank Bar:
Hop Crazed Squirrel
My Tai HopT
CASK: Grape Ape IPA double dry-hopped
Brewer’s Bar:
Steamfunk Brett IPA- Anniversary Beer 2015
Bourbon O.E.
Old Fashioned O.E. (Beer cocktail made with B.O.E.)
Infinite Wishes
Black Currant Saison (bottles available here only!) 21 cases available.
Black Currant Saison- Limited bottles available. Only 21 cases for sale at the event.

Black Currant Saison- Limited bottles available. Only 21 cases for sale at the event.


Our Fearless Leaders.


Our Fearless leaders.

 One last note of motherly concern: PLEASE be sure to consider how you will get home from the event. Uber, taxi and friends and family are great options! It’s true; we like you and we really care. So drink responsibly and get home safely!
See you Saturday, May 9th for a celebration of another year of beer!
Laurie and Porter
and the Smog City Team
Smog City Brewing
1901 Del Amo Blvd . Torrance, CA . 90501