Who’s ready for a WISHES party?!?!?

Last year we sold approx. 1200 bottles in 2 hours, it was fun and stressful and you guys were awesome…after some thought and a well attended(minor understatement) Cuddlebug release, we decided that the thrill of lines and the anxious anticipation of our fans would be better played out on-line in the social media field than in our parking lot and stretching blocks down Del Amo.


Cuddlebug B2 Release

We ran a test run with our first barrel-aged sour release, THIS SOUR FUTURE on Brown Paper Ticket and were extremely happy with the results. BPT sales reduced a lot of the stress for both sides. You know your bottles are waiting for you and we don’t have to freak out about crazy long lines. Now I’m not saying there won’t be lines…when you read below you’ll know what I mean. Our sneaky little announcement is going to mess everything up but hopefully not too much and this will be smooth and easy and FUN!


This year’s Infinite Wishes 2016 vintage is a limited 3000 bottles. We made it legit with killer label design from our incredible designer, Ryan Cochran, and each bottle is wax dipped in preparation for aging.



Your name MUST be on the ticket/will call list to pick up and have valid ID

Infinite Wishes bottles pick up at the BACK DOOR of brewery only.

We have 5 cases each of Infinite Wishes 2015 and The Nothing 2015 bottles for sale – 1 bottle limit/$15 for Wishes,  1 bottle limit/ $11 for The Nothing (Purchase at Back Door during pick up)

We invite you to come in and have a beer(duh!). Please come around the front of the building and join us in the taproom!

Parking is abundant. You are welcome to park in the back of our building and in the lot one building to the west at 1947 Del Amo. Street parking on Del Amo and Grammery is also good. Please listen to the signage in front of our building. We work hard to be polite and contentious of our neighbors and that is integral in maintaining good neighborly juju. We will have to ask you to move if you park on the far side of the parking lot next to Doggie Daycare.



The following SPECIAL DARK beers will be pouring on Saturday(until gone) in honor of Wishes’s release. The entire list for the Front Bar will be coming forthwith! Check back for details.

  • Infinite Wishes 2016
  • Infinite Wishes 2015
  • The Nothing 2016
  • Something from Nothing – a small beer made from this year’s The Nothing’s second runnings
  • American Stout (experimental pilot brew)



At the Brewers Bar, back near the brewhouse, we will have two taps flowing Infinite Wishes 2016 and The Nothing 2016 to alleviate some of the front of house lines.


Additional Bottles Available: Purchase at Front Bar

The Nothing 2016

The Sour Future (red wine barrel-aged Sour Brown)

Coffee Porter

Saber-Toothed Squirrel