So…our second barrel-aged Imperial Stout release is looming large with the added bonus of our first giant barrel(21HL) Sour Red Rye bottle release and we’re using them as the “canary in a coal mine”, so to speak. Since these are both first releases, we have temporarily done away with BPT and although we’re expecting an enthusiastic turnout, we’re hoping it’s not a “Monkish-ish” turnout. You know what we mean!

The Deets

When: Nov 19th, bottle sales begin at NOON- until bottles are gone or we close at 10pm.

Where: At the back roll-up door.

What Can I buy?: We will have Benny and the Bretts and Buzz Worthy bottles for the release.

You can also pick up bottles of the following:

Coffee Porter

Sabre-Toothed Squirrel


California Love


Bourbon O.E.

Beer Releases

Benny and the Bretts: 9.3%abv Sour red rye aged in a giant Sangiovese wine barrel for 13 months and refermented with 12 strains for brett. Imagine Tall Ryan and Porter pouring the custom brett concoction into “Benny the Barrel” and singing Benny and the Jetts at full volume…yup, that about sums it up.

Layered with fruit, wine, tannin, and oak character that yields increasing complexity as it warms. Benny…Satisfying even the most discerning sour beer lover’s palate.

1500 bottles, 4 bottle limit

Buzz Worthy: 12.5%abv Barrel-aged Imperial Honey Stout, aged for 12 months in Bourbon barrels, this collaboration beer was brewed with Moonlight Meadery out of New Hampshire. Brewed with 400 lbs of rare Meadowfoam Honey, Buzz Worthy is a dangerously smooth yet fantastically complex Imperial Stout, notes of marshmallow and bourbon making this one hell of a beer.

1500 bottles, 4 bottle limit

Why No BPT?

Let’s get this question out of the way. In the past, we’ve had great success with BPT. Our ticketed Infinite Wishes and 2nd Cuddlebug release were smashing successes. But when we sold This Sour Future and Brix Layer, we did not sell through all the bottles. With the cost per bottle skyrocketing because of the BPT service fee, we felt like we should give the next “first release” of a beer a chance to sell direct without going through a third party and see if we can save you some coin.

Hopefully, this won’t end in tears…I’m pretty sure you guys will help make the Buzz and Benny release a smooth one. We’re staffed up and ready for the turnout, like I mentioned above, this shouldn’t be a 2am Juicy Hazy Northeast IPA kinda turnout. We’re seeking balance here, folks.

Side Note: Yes, Infinite Wishes 2017 (releasing January 2017) WILL BE SOLD ON BPT. No worries…that one needs a little buffer to keep the flow and we know it.

Some Photos from the Buzz Worthy and Benny Lineage…




Michael Fairbrother of Moonlight Meadery and Porter. When we opened this barrel there were bees in the honey…the next day, one flew away. Zombees!!


Meadowfoam Honey was moved from honey drum to the kettle, one scoop at a time.

It was very very sticky.


Tasting the Meadowfoam honey






Hi Benny, welcome to your new home.


Putting Benny on a custom stand build by Chiavaro Design


Emmett welcomes the barrel to its new home


Prepping the barrel before filling


Our former brewer Chris Walowski filling the barrel in 2015