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Growler Tags at Smog!


Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend!! Starting this Friday(5/26) at noon, we will have growler tags and will be filling BLANK GROWLERS. We have heard your requests and we have really appreciated your patience, now everyone can rejoice. There’s just a little housekeeping to ensure that you have a great experience and your beer is fresh and delicious upon drinking.

  1. We will NOT cover another brewery’s growler or cover growlers for any reason. The growler must be blank or have a non-removable covering on it. Growler Coozies do not meet our requirements.
  2. The volume must be stated on the growler container, only 64oz and 32oz growlers will be filled.
  3. Growler must be clean. We will charge $2 per container if cleaning is required.
  4. It must hold pressure and be a reasonable vessel for holding beer. No milk cartons or Tupperware, Dasani water bottles, shoes, or cupped hands(etc…) will be filled.
  5. Filling a container is at the discretion of the beertenders and supervisor on shift. If the container is determined to not meet our standards for any reason, the beertender does not have to fill it.

WE WILL BE OPEN ON MONDAY for Memorial Day from 12-10pm and pouring fresh 522 to Yakima, our experimental hop Pale ale!!

!!!We will also be offering 10% off all case purchases, mixed cases apply!!!

We hope you have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend! #drinkresponsibly #drinkindependent


Special Releases and the Chaos Effect

Hi All!

I can’t believe this blog has been dormant since Dec. ’16. You know how it goes, you say to yourself: “wow! It’s 2017…we have ALL YEAR and then suddenly it’s May 4th(Yes, May the Fourth Be With You Too) and the year is almost halfway gone.” How does this happen?

Since Dec, we’ve opened our first satellite taproom at SteelCraft. Jan and Feb were welcomed with 2-3 days of rain every week so the SteelCraft project was tested…would people stay home when it rains? No. Does DG turn into mud when it rains? YES. Do people still want to drink beer when it’s raining? YES! and if we put out a tiny 10×10 Smog City branded tent next to the bar, will everyone gather under it and toast to innovation and community? Heck Yeah! Thank you for your support despite the rains.

Pre-branded tent for coverage!

To say we learned a lot in those first two months is an understatement.

We are so thrilled with how SteelCraft turned out. Our partners in this venture: Howard CDM, Steelhead Coffee, Pig Pen Delicacy, Waffle Luv, Desano Pizza, Tajima Ramen, Lovesome Chocolates, and Shave Ice are all amazing people. Amazing partners and collaborators. We’ve all grown into this space together and to be honest, it feels a lot like summer camp when we get together.

The “I remember whens” and “can you believe how far we’ve comes?” abound. We are so thankful to be a part of this space and to Kim Gros who originally brought us a concept on a piece of paper and a really good pitch…an authentic heartfelt pitch. When I saw what she envisioned, I was enthusiastic if not a little bit skeptical but I’m an Incurable Optimist. I told her ” If you can build this, it will be amazing and new and I want in!”

Spoiler alert….She Build It.

Kim Gros and Laurie Porter -©Justin Rudd

We’re now 5 months into SteelCraft. We’ve moved from one construction site to another. The expansion of our production on site. Smog brewed and sold approx 4200 bbl of beer last year. This year we will be happy if we hit 5500 bbl. That’s not huge growth but it’s organic, it’s sustainable, and most importantly it’s true to our principles. As a 100% family owned and operated brewery, Smog City prides itself as an Independent Brewery.

We make the rules (when the government doesn’t make them for us), we decide our path and sustain our brand’s authenticity in every drop of beer we make, every person we hire and every market we move into. It’s thoughtful and courageous.

Man…I started this with the intention of talking about our bottle releases this weekend and where the heck did I end up?! The market activity of the week must have me musing…Heineken buys the remainder of Lagunitas and AB inBev buys Wicked Weed…it’s a heavy week for craft beer.


Well, all that rambling behind us, I think it’s time to talk bottle releases!

This Saturday, May 6th, we are releasing THREE incredibly delicious beers on tap and in bottles. I hope you will join us. These releases are not about moving product(that’s nice and all), it’s about celebrating a new step in the craft and an exciting new experience for our customers.

A new beer(or three) is a great opportunity to celebrate innovation at the brewery, in the taproom

and with friends.

Bourbon O.E. – 13.1% ABV

Bourbon Barrel-Aged English Barleywine
Spending over a year in bourbon barrels, Bourbon O.E.’s generous malt character merges with notes of vanilla, caramel, oak, toffee, and pecan.  Like a fine port or sherry, each year’s vintage is different than the last and will continue to develop over time.
This beautiful new label created by @rcochranart is releasing for the first time although the beer has been with us for years. BOE is finally grown up. Designed to remind you of classic leather bound books, plush fireside armchairs, cigars by firelight…Bourbon O.E. spent 13 months aging in bourbon barrels, layering a complexity that only spirits and oak can yield. Vanilla, Carmel, Bourbon, Char and Oak blend seamlessly with this fantastic old english barleywine.

$14 per bottle, 12 bottle limit.

Ch’Nooks & Crannies – 4.7% ABV

Sour Blonde with Cranberry, Dry Hopped with Chinook
This is the first full-sized production batch of this fan favorite.  Taking our clean sour blonde base and fermenting it with cranberries we then dry hop with Chinook to compliment the fruit character.

$10 per bottle, 12 bottle limit.

Beta Blend – 8.1% ABV

Blended Golden Sour
Debuting with a sneak peak almost a year ago at our Anniversary Party, this beer is ready for it’s full-scale release.  Blended from 1 and 2-year old sour blonde barrels, this beer is complexity in full effect; the oldest portions of this blend are approaching 3 years since brew day.  Balanced acidity, oak tannin and vintage wine character combine and may continue to develop in this sipper for years.$11 per bottle, 12 bottle limit.


All in, we have the best crew and the best jobs! Proud to be making our mark on the Los Angeles market and thankful to all of you that support our small business and propel us forward.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

Laurie and Porter