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Infinite Wishes 2018


Hi There!

It’s January 2018 and that means it’s time for Wishes! Each year we release our bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout to the world the first month of the year, starting it off on the best foot possible. Infinite Wishes is aged for a year in bourbon barrels and perfectly balanced with rich chocolate, vanilla, bourbon and roast, this one never fails to bring out the fans.

We bottled approx 1900 bottles of the ’18 batch which is about 800 less than last year. We reserved more Wishes for draft in our taprooms, yet enough bottles to go around…we hope!

Infinite Wishes ’18 , Case Limit 

This year we decided to release for the first time a limited amount of variants, very limited. We’ll be selling approx. 12 cases of Cinnamon Vanilla Infinite Wishes and Hazelnut and Cocoa Nib Infinite Wishes

Cinnamon Vanilla Infinite Wishes,  2/pp  (gold wax)

Hazelnut and Cocoa Nib Infinite Wishes,  2/pp (green wax)

Additionally, we are releasing some cellared Wishes will be available as well!

1 Case of 2015 Wishes, 1/pp

2 Cases of 2016 Wishes, 1/pp

8 Cases of 2017 Wishes, 2/pp

Additionally, we will have on draft an ultra unique version of Infinite Wishes. We LOVE this variant but did not have enough to bottle.

Red Wine Barrel-Aged Infinite Wishes (draft only)



Taproom and bottle sales 12-10pm at Smog City Brewing and Taproom

1901 Del Amo Blvd, Torrance, CA

Due to the excitement around this release, we are reverting back to selling all Infinite Wishes bottles(including the Newest Release 2018) out of the back roll up. If the line dies down, we will move bottle sales back to the taproom bar.

So, when you get here. If you want bottles. Please go to the back of the brewery. We will let everyone in through the man door of the utility yard. Using the sliding gate as an EXIT ONLY. Looking for good fung shui here!

***Please do not hold spaces in line for your friends. This is a common courtesy. If you jump the line and get caught, you will be sent to the back of the line. Be A Good Human!

Bottle Sharing is NOT allowed outside of our licensed premises per the ABC. Please be responsible and don’t get us in trouble.

FINALLY, consider how you will be getting home. We want this to be a joyous occasions but there will be 5 12%+ abv barrel-aged beers on tap…please think before you drive! We like you and we really care…and it’s important to us that you never get behind the wheel while impaired. Uber/Lyft/Taxi/DD

Drink Water. Be safe.





This year’s Anniversary Party is April 28th and we’re hosting our annual VIP session and would love to have you there.

Ticket Sales go on sale Feb 22nd at noon:

VIP session attendees get special perks and a super special “Celebrating 5 years in Torrance” gift! Plus we’ll have an expanded outdoor taproom, 30+ unique Smog beers on tap at multiple bars around the brewery and parking lot, and our Anniversary Beer Release: AWKWARD TEENAGER

This year marks 5 years at our brewery in Torrance and although we have grown in many ways. Internally we feel like that 15 year old boy who’s 6 ft tall and still knocking lamps off the table cause he doesn’t know how big he is. Our legs are long, our arms are gangly, our clothes don’t fit quite right cause that damn growth spurt caught us off guard. We’re still growing INTO OURSELVES, into who we will become.

So we felt it was appropriate to honor this awkward stage with a beer! Every adult has been there, we’ve all weathered the awkward years…but now we’re doing it knowing that on the otherside is…well…adulting, maybe.

Awkward Teen -SavetheDate2-BPLA


growing our brand and spreading the word

This year has been a big one for Smog…but I feel like I say that every year.

With the addition of our second taproom, Smog City at SteelCraft in Bixby Knolls, and the construction of our amazing(and gigantic) Sour Cellar, we’ve felt like we’ve spent the last year trying to tame a wild horse. Porter and I have had to grow and learn from all of these new experiences in ways we never could have predicted. It’s fun. It’s scary. It’s exhausting and it’s rewarding.

So we’ve been asking ourselves, what will 2018 bring?

At home base, we’re in the midst of the largest expansion of our brewery’s since we opened in Torrance nearly 4.5 years ago. The South Cellar’s construction is well under way- giving new promise to increased limited and seasonal beers as well as our beloved year round releases like Little Bo, Smog City IPA, Sabre-Toothed Squirrel and Coffee Porter (My unabashed favorite) and then there’s the impending arrival of our “big boy” bottling line. It’s crazy to think that 2018 will see Smog City in 6 packs. <mind blown>

We’ve been watching the market and believe strongly that craft beer is finally making the shift from luxury to lifestyle. The introduction of 6 packs by many local craft breweries points to a decline of the single bottle sales(mostly year round beers, not special releases) and an increase in 6 packs- what we call “fridge beer”. This is a shift that we welcome with open arms at Smog.

Our “father’s beer” may be different from our own personal “go-tos” but the loyalty he felt towards his favorite beer is not that much different from your support for local taprooms….with so many choices in the market, your safe place is in the arms of your favorite brewery or breweries. We hope to be the “go-to” for many beer lovers in SoCal, a tried and true brewery that brews stellar beers while still testing and pushing the envelop.

So besides the construction, the 6 packs, the taproom in 2018, our highly anticipated sour program will finally hit its stride. Look for m0re releases of delicious wild and sour barrel-aged goodness, flowing in our taproom and available in small batch releases in the coming year. These experiments, and awesome triumphs, will allow us to push our creativity further.

This year some fan and brewery staff favorites included: A purple carrot and thyme sour called IT’S CARROT THYME!, TYPE OH NEGATIVE, a white wine barrel-aged blonde with black currants, rosemary, and juniper and, of course, the ever delicious and seasonal BRIX LAYER, a sour blonde blended with Riesling juice from our collaborators in Escondido, J. Brix Wines. This beer is directly linked to the wine harvest each year, leading to a “window of opportunity” and a flurry of activity as the grapes are harvested, crushed and rushed to our brewery for addition. A liquid reflection of the year’s harvest.

Our primary focus has always been on the beers, expressing creativity in the brewery and in our beers, but this year we have focused some of our attention on growing a sustainable company. One that prides itself on the quality of its product and the wealth of its culture: We are committed to supporting our staff who work so hard to help us realize our vision.

In 2017, we added a bunch of new employees to the Smog family! Tim Harbage, Cesar Alfaro, Toby Sandland, Josh Pickett, Eddie Padilla, Gabriel Velarde, Sawyer Fox, and Sam Pennington. We’re now totaling 26 employees! Amazing.

In July, we became a proud member of 1% for the Planet, committing 1% of our gross sales in wholesale and the Torrance taproom to non-profits that support and protect the environment. To promote those partnerships, we launched our Pints with Purpose series and so far we’ve partnered with Keep a Breast, Aquarium of the Pacific and our long standing partner, Food Forward! I love seeing the taproom bustling on Thursdays, together we are raising money while raising a glass of independent craft beer. And I especially enjoy the fun experiences our partners bring to the taproom. In November, we even had jellies as our special visitors!! You had to see it to believe it.

Smog City has always felt strongly about our impact on the environment; reuse, recycle, and reclaim have been a part of our brand since we started. Pushing into giving back directly to non-profits is a new route and one that may seem out there, but it feels so “Smoggy”! As always, we forge our own path..often cutting through the weeds to get there.

Smog City is deeply invested in our beers, our staff, our community, our environment- in an ever increasing determination to have a genuine impact on the world. If that is what we have achieved, even on a small scale, then we are proud to be Smog City.

Cheers and thank you for your support!

Laurie and Porter


My Beer Our Planet

Smog City is a member of 1% for the Planet, an organization that partners environmentally conscious businesses with non-profits that support and protect the environment.

We live in arguably the most beautiful state in the country; with national forests, deserts and oceans (and more) that need to be and should be protected.

Here at Smog, we have a responsibility to this beautiful blue/green marble and to future generations to leave this planet in the best shape possible. We also believe in leading by example; which not only feeds the soul but binds us to our community and ultimately benefits universally.


So join us in supporting organizations that matter. Every Thursday, we will donate a percentage of our sales in the Torrance taproom to non-profits. Each month a new partnership and new exciting events to support.

Make it a habit…pay it forward.


2017 Calendar

October – The Keep a Breast Foundation

November – Aquarium of the Pacific

December – Food Forward


#Smogcitycares #mybeerourplanet

Launching 1% for the Planet

4th of July!



It’s already the 4th of July?! Where oh where did the year go? Well, better stop lamenting the speed at which time flies and harness the excitement of the weekend.

We hope your 4th of July is rampant with BBQs, fireworks, friends and, of course, beers! Choose your favorite independent craft brewery to support this weekend. Share with friends, spread the word and enjoy the holiday with a product that was brewed with passion, commitment to our communities and uncompromising quality.

Smog City’s Torrance Taproom                                  SteelCraft Taproom

Friday 12-10pm (today)                                                               Friday 12-10pm

Saturday 12-10pm                                                                         Saturday 11-10pm

Sunday 12-8pm                                                                             Sunday 11-9pm

Monday: Closed                                                                            Monday 12-8pm

4th of July/Tuesday 12-5pm                                                       Tuesday 12-5pm

Growlers and Bottles will be available at both taprooms, so make sure to stock up before the holiday is upon us! If you’re stressing for growlers on Monday, head for our Long Beach taproom! We’re open our usual hours.

BEERS FOR THE WEEKEND! We’ve got some new beers that will definitely fit nicely into your plans: Available today: Malton Brown, Matrimony Ale, Red, White and Blue Sour Blonde (cranberries, white peppercorns, and blueberries), Hoptonic IPA, Sabre-Toothed Squirrel

NEW BEER RELEASE: On Monday at SteelCraft: L.A. Saison returns and will be available at the Torrance taproom when we open on Tuesday!

As always, have a safe and happy 4th of July!

The Smog Family

Smog City’s 2017 Anniversary!


Smog City Anniversary 2017

What an amazing day we had! I managed to snap a few photos before putting my camera away to gather glassware and help out around the taproom! But I wanted to share the photos that I was able to take.

Thank you again for your support. It’s the customers that make this industry such a joy to be apart of. Please continue to support local independent brewers and enjoy the craft in craft beer!



Laurie and Her Mother

EK8A5783-SMThis handsome guy and our two housemade Beer Cocktails, Spicy Tango and

Little Bo Michelada


Spicy Tango, Tart Saison with a Tangerine Serrano cordial and dehydrated tangerine wheel

EK8A5798-SMPure Joy. Great customers, great friends.

EK8A5803-SMThose in the know. BYOC. LOL


Pinkies Out!


One of our Stone Sales Reps! Support!


Jerald, a long time friend. Best known for the painted blue stripe that runs around the brewery and bright colors inside the bathrooms!He also redid the floors in the bathroom(probably due for another floor soon!) and so much more. ❤


Justin and Melissa. Justin used to work for us but they both moved to Seattle. We’re so lucky to have them back for the Anni Party each year!!


The Best People are Beer People


Mood Maestros spun tunes all day! For hire! 🙂EK8A5847-SM

Tony and his son are long time friends. He built and installed the bars along the taproom walls and the mirror in the lady’s room. Plus our amazing display case at SteelCraft!


Longtime friends and customers!!

Thank you for your support!

Laurie, Porter and the Smog City Family


Join us for our LABW events:

Friday, June 16th: Hoptango IPA Release at the brewery taproom! Hop tango is our Hoptonic IPA refermented with fresh mango puree

Open Friday 12-10pm

Sunday, June 18th: Rarest of the Rare returns! Hosted once every two years, we pull out cellared and new bourbon barrel-aged, sour and wild ales for the day! An outstanding opportunity to dive deep into our more limited offerings.

Open Sunday 11-9pm

Monday, June 19th: Beer Cocktail Hour at SteelCraft, Jason Briseno and Jenn Hadar have developed a series of unique and delicious house-made Beer Cocktails using herbs, cordials and more!

Serving Cocktails 4 till they run out or we close at 9pm

Friday, June 23rd: Grape Ape IPA Release in the Brewery Taproom. This special release IPA is made with grape must and heavily hopped with Topaz. The original versions were each made with different combinations of hops and wine must until the perfect union was found. This is the result! Come in for growlers and pours on draft.

Open Friday 12-10pm


Smog City Taproom and Brewery: 1901 Del Amo Blvd, Torrance 90501 #smogcitybeer

Smog City @SteelCraft 3768 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach 90807 #smogcitybeer_steelcraft

Growler Tags at Smog!


Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend!! Starting this Friday(5/26) at noon, we will have growler tags and will be filling BLANK GROWLERS. We have heard your requests and we have really appreciated your patience, now everyone can rejoice. There’s just a little housekeeping to ensure that you have a great experience and your beer is fresh and delicious upon drinking.

  1. We will NOT cover another brewery’s growler or cover growlers for any reason. The growler must be blank or have a non-removable covering on it. Growler Coozies do not meet our requirements.
  2. The volume must be stated on the growler container, only 64oz and 32oz growlers will be filled.
  3. Growler must be clean. We will charge $2 per container if cleaning is required.
  4. It must hold pressure and be a reasonable vessel for holding beer. No milk cartons or Tupperware, Dasani water bottles, shoes, or cupped hands(etc…) will be filled.
  5. Filling a container is at the discretion of the beertenders and supervisor on shift. If the container is determined to not meet our standards for any reason, the beertender does not have to fill it.

WE WILL BE OPEN ON MONDAY for Memorial Day from 12-10pm and pouring fresh 522 to Yakima, our experimental hop Pale ale!!

!!!We will also be offering 10% off all case purchases, mixed cases apply!!!

We hope you have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend! #drinkresponsibly #drinkindependent