Elysian Beer Dinner – 7/21- MENU!


The good people of Elysian brought J. Brix and Smog City together nearly a year ago and Thursday we honor the “love child” of this collaboration, Brix Layer.
At this event only, you’ll have an opportunity to taste the Riesling Wine that inspired Brix Layer and is made with the same grapes, alongside Brix Layer and a selection of other Smog City and J Brix offerings.

This is a unique L.A. restaurant, tucked away in Frogtown and serving inspired and creative dishes and keep Porter and Laurie coming back!


Elysian : 2806 Clearwater St. 90039 

Doors open and first reservation is at 6:30 

kitchen closes at 10pm.

phone number is 323 522 6625 

walk-ins warmly welcomed



** signifies J Brix Wine and/or Smog City Beer Pairing Recommended

vichyssoise, watercress oil   8

green bean, radish, chile, ginger, fermented black bean  9

seared shishito, carrot, bonito   9

lettuces, radicchio, avocado, fennel, bottarga  11

**peach, burrata, speck, wild arugula, hazelnut  14

**duck liver pate, poached shrimp, kimchi, toast  16

**smoked chicken, lebneh, sour plum, cabbage 15

smoked mussels, myrna potato, celery, red curry   16

3 cheeses: gutshofer, thomasville tomme, cremont   15

chittara, pork meatball, tomato, chile, pecornio 20

**local yellowtail, shell bean, corn, okra, red pepper 23

ricotta gnocchi, summer squash, basil, walnut 19

roast pork collar, watermelon, haricot, watercress 20

**peach tart, peach leaf ice cream, blueberry compote 9

Surviving Smog’s Anniversary Event- Saturday, May 21st

Halfway through 2016 already and so much has happened. See the images below to see how we looked this time 2013 compared to last week. It’s definitely a little more crowded in here…in three years, not much has changed, right?! 🙂
BreweryTimeLapse TaproomTimelapse


Saturday May 21st, 2016 11am-10pm

Ready? Deep breath. Let’s go….
Smog City has been experiencing expansion in all directions: we’ve grown our Beer Family from 7 team members to 14, we’re celebrating the expansion of our Torrance brewery’s footprint from 11,000sq ft to 22,000q ft(!!), plus our GABF 2015 and World Beer Cup 2016 Silvers!, 7 medals between L.A. International Beer Competition and San Diego International, an epic collaboration with Beer Camp Across America including Beachwood Brewing, Bagby, Society, Lost Abbey and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, fulfilling and long-lasting partnerships with organizations like Food Forward and L.A. Derby Dolls, and to top it off, the announcement of our anxiously anticipated satellite taproom, Smog City Steelcraft in Long Beach/Bixby Knolls.
Incurable Optimist.
Each year we brew a special limited released bottled beer to celebrate another year of delicious Smog City beer. Incurable Optimist is our 2016 Anniversary beer named by Laurie(who IS an Incurable Optimist) to reflect the wild and crazy ride these past 5 years have been for Smog City and an even more exciting future than we ever anticipated. For us here at Smog, this year feels like a tipping point from small budding local business to recognized brand.
Incurable Optimist – Tart Wild Wheat w/Citrus

 5.3% abv

Our 2016 anniversary ale started life as a tart Belgian style Wit that co-fermented with 3 strains of Brettanomyces. We then blended in several choice barrels of 2 year old white wine barrel aged sour blonde. A 3rd fermentation in the bottle with a 4th Brett strain will deliver more complexity as it ages.

Citrus dominates the aroma with lemon, orange, and tangerine while coriander, white wine, and funk linger in the background. Expect a bright hit of tart citrus up front, then stone fruit, vitamin C, and subtle oak in the finish.

There is much to be thankful for and the future looks bright to the “Incurable Optimist” regardless of the insanity that prevails on the fringes.  Drink to the future today or lay this baby down and watch it mature in its complexity and depth.

More Space!

We will be expanding the taproom into our adjacent space which means MORE ROOM FOR YOU and more room for more beers! We’re super excited to have this opportunity to really celebrate and do so with elbow room. We’ll have two beer stations in that area with special/limited releases on tap and the beer cocktail, Cuddle Paloma, making its debut.


VIP Session – ticketed

11-1pm: We will begin checking people in approx 30 mins before 11am to ensure a smooth and expedited start to your day!
As in previous years this is a special ticketed session and is Sold Out.
With the VIP Session you get:
Early admission to the event
2 bottles of Incurable Optimist (less than 1000 bottles available)- Can purchase 2 additional
5 tasters
2 full pours
Access to our limited and special release beers (4 beer stations in all!! deets below)
Access to the ultra-limited Beer Cocktails!
First option to purchase Bourbon O.E. bottles
Avoid the crowds for 2 whole hours!

General Admission – No Tickets Needed

We will be open to the public from 1-10pm.

Throughout the brewery will be 4 beer dispensing areas with unique Smog City beers…all celebrating the quality and creativity that have become synonymous with the Smog City brand. Chart your passage through the brewery ahead of time and hit all your favorite beers! Below is a list of what the various stations will be pouring.

Beer Stations


Incurable Optimist- Anni 2016 (Tart Wild Wheat with Citrus)
Little Bo Pils
Hoptonic IPA
Sabre-Toothed Squirrel
Grape Ape IPA (RETURNS!!)
Coffee Porter
Drought Stout on Nitro
Spittin’ and Cussin’ (Barrel-aged Sour Brown with Cherries)
ChipShot Coffee Porter
Steelcraft IPA
Smoked Smaug Lager
Imperial Porter
Zwickel Bo on Nitro

Brewer’s Station (brewhouse)

Bourbon O.E. 2016  (bottles available)
Infinite Wishes 2016 limited
The Nothing
Incurable Optimist (Anni 2016)
Beer Cocktail: Old Fashioned O.E. – limited
(returns from our anniversary event last year!)

Old Fashioned O.E.

 Sour Station

Cuddlebug (Sour Blonde w/ peaches and apricots)
Snugglebug (Sour Blonde w/ raspberry and boysenberry) limited
Ch’nooks and Crannies (Sour Blonde w/Cranberries Dry-Hopped with Chinook) limited
Unnamed Beta Blend (white wine barrel-aged sour) ultra-limited
Beer Cocktail: Cuddle Paloma –  grapefruit cordial with a himalayan sea salt and grapefruit rim
Beyond delicious and ultra-limited!

Cuddle Paloma

Citrus Station

 Bloody Optimist (Blood Orange Tart Wild Wheat)
Anni 2014 – Strong Saison w/ Merlot (cellared for 2 years!)
Mexican Vacation (Returns!!)- Little Bo with Mexican Lime
Kumquat Saison
       Bottles of Incurable Optimist and Bourbon O.E. which are being released for the Anniversary will be available throughout the brewery and at all beer stations. No need to line up at the back door as in previous releases, these bottles will be widely available while bottles last.

Bottles Available:

Incurable Optimist (limit 4 per person)
Bourbon O.E. (no limit)
Kumquat Saison
(2015 GABF Silver for Belgian-style Fruit Beer)
Coffee Porter
The Nothing
Sabre-Toothed Squirrel
(2016 World Beer Cup medalist! Silver for American style Amber/Red)
       And to make this day even better….El Segundo Brewing is celebrating their Anniversary on the same day! We highly recommend you organize a DD or plan on Uber/Lyft for the day. We will have 2 free shuttles running between the locations every 30 minutes from 1-6pm but space is extremely limited and signing up for a seat on the shuttle will be required. We hope you appreciate our attempt at getting you from place to place and remain patient with the limitations we have in terms of space available. ESBC and Smog are footing the bill, so you get what you get and hopefully you have one hell of a day! 🙂
Sign up will be at the front roll-up door. First come, first served. If you are not there to claim your spot, your spot will be given away
Remember if you “keep the glass”, you can take home a souvenir glass at a discount!
$10 for a full pour and Smog City logo’d glass you can take home.
Both Belgian and Pints available.
We Like You and We Really Care
      We anticipate an incredibly wonderful and exciting time to be had by all at our Anniversary but want to remind you to drink responsibly, stay hydrated, plan on how you will get between the events(if you do) and home. We take over-intoxication very seriously and your safety and the safety of others is paramount to the longevity of this wonderful community we are all so profoundly invested in.
Laurie, Porter and the Smog City Team
Laurie's Dad at Anniversary 2015

Laurie’s Dad at Anniversary 2015

Facebook Event Page


INFINITE WISHES 2016- Made Your Wish Yet?


Who’s ready for a WISHES party?!?!?

Last year we sold approx. 1200 bottles in 2 hours, it was fun and stressful and you guys were awesome…after some thought and a well attended(minor understatement) Cuddlebug release, we decided that the thrill of lines and the anxious anticipation of our fans would be better played out on-line in the social media field than in our parking lot and stretching blocks down Del Amo.


Cuddlebug B2 Release

We ran a test run with our first barrel-aged sour release, THIS SOUR FUTURE on Brown Paper Ticket and were extremely happy with the results. BPT sales reduced a lot of the stress for both sides. You know your bottles are waiting for you and we don’t have to freak out about crazy long lines. Now I’m not saying there won’t be lines…when you read below you’ll know what I mean. Our sneaky little announcement is going to mess everything up but hopefully not too much and this will be smooth and easy and FUN!


This year’s Infinite Wishes 2016 vintage is a limited 3000 bottles. We made it legit with killer label design from our incredible designer, Ryan Cochran, and each bottle is wax dipped in preparation for aging.



Your name MUST be on the ticket/will call list to pick up and have valid ID

Infinite Wishes bottles pick up at the BACK DOOR of brewery only.

We have 5 cases each of Infinite Wishes 2015 and The Nothing 2015 bottles for sale – 1 bottle limit/$15 for Wishes,  1 bottle limit/ $11 for The Nothing (Purchase at Back Door during pick up)

We invite you to come in and have a beer(duh!). Please come around the front of the building and join us in the taproom!

Parking is abundant. You are welcome to park in the back of our building and in the lot one building to the west at 1947 Del Amo. Street parking on Del Amo and Grammery is also good. Please listen to the signage in front of our building. We work hard to be polite and contentious of our neighbors and that is integral in maintaining good neighborly juju. We will have to ask you to move if you park on the far side of the parking lot next to Doggie Daycare.



The following SPECIAL DARK beers will be pouring on Saturday(until gone) in honor of Wishes’s release. The entire list for the Front Bar will be coming forthwith! Check back for details.

  • Infinite Wishes 2016
  • Infinite Wishes 2015
  • The Nothing 2016
  • Something from Nothing – a small beer made from this year’s The Nothing’s second runnings
  • American Stout (experimental pilot brew)



At the Brewers Bar, back near the brewhouse, we will have two taps flowing Infinite Wishes 2016 and The Nothing 2016 to alleviate some of the front of house lines.


Additional Bottles Available: Purchase at Front Bar

The Nothing 2016

The Sour Future (red wine barrel-aged Sour Brown)

Coffee Porter

Saber-Toothed Squirrel


Drink With Santa Photos!

We always enjoy new adventures and our Drink with Santa event definitely fit the bill. For 4 hours, we had an off-the-beaten-path Santa in house to pose with you, your kids(they were brave!) and pets both great and small.

We also hosted our first craft/art fair with 6 vendors ranging from handmade soaps to photography to jewelry and terrariums. All were very well received and so much fun to have in house.

For expediency’s sake, I’m going to keep my words short and just get this post up for you! Pull your photos and if you would like a larger file, email me at laurie@smogcitybrewing.com and include the image that you want.

And be sure to share your posts on-line.  If you use the #drinkwithsanta we’ll be able to see it too!

Thanks for coming out!






































































































Dec 20th, 2015


1901 Del Amo Blvd

Torrance, CA 90501


We all start writing our wish lists just after Thanksgiving in anticipation of taking full advantage of the Christmas spirit. One of my items was to raise a pint of beer with Santa. Seemed weird and unlikely but when you have creative minds around, anything is possible.

I’m excited to announce that Sunday Dec 20th from 12-4pm, you’ll have that chance (and I’ll check one item off my list!) to grab a beer and photos with Santa…and do a little shopping and drinking for extra added Yee-Haw, Merry Christmas!!

We invite you to bring (well-behaved) pets and yourselves and your kids (if they are brave). Feel free to jump in and if you want to bring kids, please warn them this is NOT Mall Santa. He won’t be rude but he will be drinking(tho never to excess) and wearing impossibly short shorts.


Fun times and out of the box events happen at Smog City and if you’d like to know when more are coming up, please join our newsletter! We send out an email once a week announcing new beers on tap and events. We also do newsletter only releases/announcements to thank those that support and follow us. Here’s the link: http://eepurl.com/t0Imb


Along with our Drink With Santa event, we’ll be hosting a handful of awesome local artists! Have a beer, drink with Santa and sneak in a little last minute shopping…I’d say that’s a pretty good Sunday.

To make this all more exciting, Monkish Brewing has joined us in the fun  and will be hosting their own art/craft fair on Sunday in their taproom! Word has it there will be a kid t-shirt screen printer and a baker and some other options as well. Spend the afternoon, cruising between our two breweries, shopping, Santa’ing and enjoying our long anticipated winter weather.

Smog City Artists: Natalie Obermaier, Clay Lipsky, Beth Penalty, Tami Demaree, and Jacquelyn Hyde

Beth Penalty


Natalie Obermaier


Clay Lipsky


Tami Demaree


Jacquelyn Hyde



Laurie, Porter and the Smog City Team

THIS SOUR FUTURE – Sour Brown Bottle Release


Barrel-Aged Sour Brown

$16/bottle : Max 4/person


For over two years we have been collecting barrels big and small and filling them with beer pitched with custom blends of bugs and bacteria. Our patience has paid off and our first barrel-aged sour release is upon us!

THIS SOUR FUTURE is a red wine barrel-aged sour brown that serves as the introduction to the sour side of our barrel and blending program. The name is a nod to the direction that we see craft breweries moving, as well as a proclamation to what we hope the future holds for Smog City Brewing.

THIS SOUR FUTURE is balance in a bottle.  Bright acidity is held in check by a solid malt backbone, while the subtle wine character is complimented by rich oak tannin. The harmony of this beer makes it special to us and an exemplary sour brown.

This is a limited release of 2000 bottles. If bottles remain, they will be sold on the day of the event.

**$16 per bottle (500ml), 4 bottle limit per person**
Online bottle sales will end Friday, Dec 18 at 12pm (24 hours before release) or when bottles are sold out. Any additional bottles not sold online will be available for purchase the day of the event.

PICKUP DETAILS (Starting Dec 19th):
Purchased bottles will be available at Smog City’s Tasting Room starting on Saturday, Dec 19th at 12pm, and the beer will be available on draft. Purchased bottles must be picked up by Sunday, Jan 17th.

-In order to pick up your bottles, you will need to show your valid photo ID; it must be your ID and the name must match that of the ticket buyer. No Proxies or duplicated orders accepted.  Smog City Brewing reserves the right to cancel and refund any order we deem in violation of this policy.

*** Bottles not picked up by Sunday, Jan 17th will be considered forfeited. ***

Please note that we will not issue refunds, exchanges, or returns. All sales are final.


SteelCraft and a Growing Team


So details of SteelCraft, our coming satellite taproom have dropped…thank you, LA Weekly. Growth at Smog City has been fast but organic and the new taproom feels like a continuation of that…we want to reach more consumers, we want to build more brand recognition and we like selling our beer direct because we get to talk about the product and this company we’ve built. We also LOVE watching communities grow up and around a healthy bustling taproom life…so LBC here we come!

In addition to the new taproom, which is slated for opening between Feb and April, we have also amended our CUP in Torrance for extended taproom hours. As the Southbay has seen small craft breweries thrive, the demand for more hours has been heard! We want to continue to build that local support but we also want to become a destination for beer tourism and being open only a few evening hours a week and weekends has made that tough…SO, Torrance in its typical, We Love Small Business(and especially craft breweries) Way has helped us get there…Now the tricky part; with more hours comes the need for more staff…so we’re looking for some new great additions to our team.

Warning! This isn’t going to be easy. We have strict guidelines and expectations. Below is the job listing; if you or someone you know fits the bill, waves their beer geek flag high and loves Smog City- let us know! At Smog City, we don’t just add staff- we build family- so if you’ve got passion and knowledge of the craft beer world, experience in bars or restaurants and want to join us…we’re here with open arms.


Laurie, Porter and the Smog City Team

Our Smog City Team.

Smog City Brewing Co.

Job Posting – Beertender

Smog City Brewing Co is looking to add to our taproom staff!

This position requires bar and/or service experience – if you do not have experience you will not be considered for this position.


The ideal candidate is passionate and well educated in craft beer, is able to discuss styles, flavor profiles and respond quickly and with knowledge about craft beer beyond just our taproom. You must possess an extraordinary customer service personality, an insane attention to detail, a ridiculous work ethic, and be a team player. Our taproom staff are in effect brand ambassadors; the front line to the craft consumer. Your roll is to expand their knowledge and appreciation for the industry and educate them on our brand. We value our customers and want them leaving with only good memories of their visit…that’s a significant part of your job. Now the nitty-gritty…


We are a small and nimble team who gets a ton of work done with very few employees. If your idea of working in a brewery is standing around and drinking beer, don’t apply.


Job requirements may include, but are not limited to:


  • Greet and serve guests in a polite and respectful manner
  • Answer questions and educate guests about Smog City Brewing Co. beer
  • Speak intelligently and with knowledge about craft beer in general – Beer Geek preferred!
  • Follow all laws as they relate to the serving of alcohol
  • Maintain a safe and clean work environment
  • Bus and clean tables, bars, chairs and stools, keep restrooms clean and stocked
  • Sweep and mop floors as needed
  • Wash and restock glassware
  • Be available to work mornings, afternoons, nights, and weekends
  • Participate in beer festivals and events as needed
  • Work special Smog City Brewing events as needed


Minimum Physical Requirements:

  • Must be in good physical condition and able to maneuver in tight/confined spaces.
  • Must be able to walk, sit, stand, and crouch for extended periods of time.
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs. and maneuver at least 165 lbs.


To Apply:


Send a cover letter and resume to ilovebeer@smogcitybrewing.com

The subject line of your email should say: “Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers”


The cover letter should describe why you are interested in the position and why Smog City Brewing Company should consider you.



Established in 2011, Smog City Brewing Co. is a brewer owned and operated craft brewery in Torrance, CA. We are devoted to producing creatively inspired and exceptionally balanced beers; each a celebration of whimsy and independence because to be normal is just that. So join us in embracing Different and enjoy our vast array of quirky quality beers.