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GrapeApe IPA, A Creative Process


UPDATE: 1/2/14:

This delicious concoction is just now getting the traction we hoped to see in 2013! 2014 is gonna be a good year! Keep your eyes peeled for one of the top 3 beers of 2013 according to LA Times beer writer John Verive who named GrapeApe IPA alongside Noble’s Naughty Sauce and GRB’s Heal The Bay IPA in his Three Most Important Beers of Southern California article.

Coming out later this month is our extremely limited release, Batch 100. A Double IPA made with Viogner grapes to celebrate 100 brews in the new Torrance facility. Batch 100 will be available in our taproom and in limited release to select accounts across the L.A. area. 

Pasadena and Eastside Folks! We have a beer dinner Feb 6th at King’s Row Gastropub that will have Batch 100 on for one of its courses. Check in with them for availability and reservations.  

King’s Row: 20 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91105       626.793.3010

Now back to your previously televised program…

There’s something you need to know about Smog City and our new beer, GrapeApe IPA…we’re pushing the boundaries and this isn’t the first time.

When Porter first created the recipe for Groundwork Coffee Porter a little over two years ago, very few were doing coffee beers and even less were doing them well. Now, coffee beers are all the rage. They are delicious and amazing and honestly, the best of both worlds. Good news is Smog City, Porter and his crew are doing it again but this time with wine grapes in an IPA.

Who in their right mind would think to combine wine grapes with IPA? Well, one brewery leaps off the tip of my tongue. The ever experimenting Dogfish Head and their Sixty-One IPA made with Syrah Grapes….this beer got Porter and his assistants talking. Why NOT make IPAs with wine grapes? The grapes add berry and fruit esters that hops cannot. They also pair amazingly well with the more unique hops that we are trying out. And thus GrapeApe IPA was born.

We are designing and redesigning this beer. Each time we brew it, we will be using different grape varietals, adding them at different points during the brewing and fermentation process until we hone in on the perfect, not-to-be-out-done, most delicious version of GrapeApe IPA.

And that means that as we brew GrapeApe it will change; the GrapeApe you had one month ago may not be the same GrapeApe you have next month but rest assured, we will not release a GrapeApe that is anything less than STELLAR! In addition, YOU get to be apart of the process. You will have an opportunity to experience the evolution and the process of creation while enjoying a delicious beer! You may have your own personal favorites along the way but hopefully, you’ll enjoy each one for its own unique qualities.

We don’t know of any other brewery to open up the creative process to the public like this but we’re not afraid to share our successes with you! It’s about the journey, not the destination…okay, it’s also about the destination…but we thrive on challenges and adventures and the crafting of beers. That’s what makes beer so amazing; it’s alive and it should be ever changing. So enjoy the ride, we aim to take you on a good one!

GrapeApe IPA with Muscat – 8.1% abc

This GrapeApe IPA is currently available in our taproom…but not for long.  Most assume that the muscat lends a sweetness to the beer but of course, the hungry yeast loves sugar and so the result was a drier IPA than our other two IPAs and a higher ABV; GrapeApe clocks in at 8.1%.

Expect a huge bouquet of tropical hop aroma with notes of lychee, mango, and candied lemon peel. Belgian Pilsner malt and wheat lend a light bread crust character to complement the tropical hop and Muscat berry flavors.

GrapeApe IPA with Chardonnay – 7.4% abv

An experimental IPA brewed with Chardonnay grape juice and features Australian Topaz and Simcoe hops

Expect a huge bouquet of fruity tropical hop aromas with notes of pear, mango, and light spice. Chardonnay contributes peach and pear flavors while Belgian pilsner and wheat malts add cracker and bread crust to lightly sweet malt and a soft bitter finish.

We’ve dropped the growler price for the current GrapeApe IPA with Muscat to $18! Come see us in our taproom, we’ve got GrapeApe IPA with Chardonnay on deck! Come and help us blow through the first batch so we can get the new one on line! GrapeApe IPA is regularly $22 for growler fills.

Also, be sure to check out the Los Angeles IPA Festival at Mohawk Bend this weekend! It’s a competition to see whose IPA will bring home the win. We’ve entered GrapeApe IPA with Chardonnay. Believe us, this event is worth attending!


A Quick Guide to Surviving The Rarest of the Rare


Tomorrow we will be pouring a selection of barrel-aged, sour and one-off beers, most of which have never been distributed in the L.A. market. You may have seen some of them poured at events like LA Union Station Beer Fest 2012 (Quercus Circus), BAM Fest 2012 (Collaborative Evil), and this year’s LABW5 Tap Attacks at Cinco and Tony’s Darts Away(Bourbon Barrel-Aged O.E.) but never have we offered all of them in one place at one time. We might just be insane…or maybe we aren’t, maybe we are geniuses.

When it came to planning this year’s LA Beer Week events, we looked to other beer weeks around the country: Philly Beer Week, Asheville Beer Week, and San Francisco Beer Week. We researched the events breweries were throwing and realized that for us, Beer Week is about pulling out all the stops- doing something that will leave people talking. With that in mind, we decided to knock LABW 2013 out of the park. We hope you’ve enjoyed the events of this year’s LA Beer Week mightily(there have been a bunch of excellent ones!) but we cross our fingers that The Rarest of the Rare will be the highlight!

Over the last three weeks  we have worked tirelessly to make sure that tomorrow will run smoothly, as smoothly as a speeding bullet train tanked up on bourbon barrel-aged beers can run. So here’s your quick guide to imbibing, thriving, and surviving The Rarest of the Rare 2013 at Smog City Brewery.

1. First and foremost, we will take intoxication very seriously. Please have a way to get home safely, eat lots of food (we have a food vendor!) before, during, and after the event and most importantly…pace yourself

2. Do not park in the Doggy Daycare parking spaces. You will be asked to move you car and you will lose your place in line. We have our half of the parking lot in the front of the building, the parking lot directly behind our building, plus all of the parking lots to the WEST of us should be open and okay to park in, additionally street parking on Del Amo blvd(across the street) and Gramercy Pl are abundant.

3. Grab a taster menu and a pencil when you arrive. Mark your order before reaching the counter. 4 tasters per person or 2 full pours per person per order. Of course you are welcome to get back in line and go for more…this will ensure we don’t run out of taster glassware and keeps the line moving.

4. We will have two bars pouring unique beers. At the bottom of this blog will be the list of which beers will be at which bar. Plan accordingly! Hopefully this will help with lines as well.

5. Pace yourself!

6. Growler fills- We will have a growler fill station at the main bar. No taster or full pours will be filled here.  We do not have growlers for sale so please bring your Smog City growler with you. Beers available for fills at the bottom.

7. New Tshirt design, original Smog City tshirts and New hoodies are available for sale!

8. Food Vendor, SerenDoggity will be serving up delicious gourmet hotdogs. EAT!

9. Pace Yourself!

10. Wanna hashtag on social media? Use #smogcitybeer and @smogcitybeer for twitter and instagram. @smogcitybrewing for facebook. Share the love and tell everyone!

10. Most importantly, have an amazing day enjoying our Smog City beers! And remember what LA Beer Week is all about…drink local and support the craft!

Rarest of the Rare



Main Bar

The Tempest (Sour Red Rye)

Farmhouse Funk (Brett aged Saison)

Bourbon Imperial Porter

Bourbon Collaborative Evil (collaboration with Julian Schrago of Beachwood Brewery)

Bourbon Red

Bourbon O.E.

Hive Five!

Kumquat Saison (Forager Series)

Weird Beer (5-grain Saison w/spices)

L.A. Saison

Hoptonic IPA

Amarilla Gorilla IPA

Groundwork Coffee Porter

Sabre-Toothed Squirrel

Little Bo Pils

Second Bar

1st  tapped: Cask 2009 Olde English Barelywine

2nd tapped: Cask 2011 Collaborative Evil on Vanilla Beans)

Quercus Circus (Sour barrel-aged Belgian Blonde)

Grape Ape IPA (IPA made with 500 lbs of Muscat grapes)

Growler Fills

L.A. Saison

Amarilla Gorilla IPA

Hoptonic IPA

Groundwork Coffee Porter

Sabre-Toothed Squirrel

Little Bo Pils


LABW5, How do You Stand Out? Dress Like a Bee!


Sept 19th-29th

Look for the Hive Five! Beee at LA Union Station Gala Beer Fest on Sunday, September 22nd. He’ll be giving our Hive Fives! and new Smog City stickers. Our LA Beer Week beer is called, yup you probably already guessed it, Hive Five! It’s a delicious 6.8% Honey Red Ale made with 5 different types of local honey: Sage, Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Eucalyptus, and Avocado. We’ve sent it out into the LA area, so be sure to keep your peepers peeled!

Besides Hive Five! we’ve also sent out limited quantities of GrapeApe IPA. This new Smog City IPA is made with Topaz and Simcoe, fermented with 500lbs of muscat grapes. What results is a delightful blending of beer and wine character; your favorite bitterness meets the sophistication of the vine. We’ll be pouring this beer exclusively at Cinco, Najas, Silvios BBQ and Tony’s Darts Away during LA Beer Week.

Every year we look forward to LA Beer Week, the best events of the year always happen during the next 10 days. The only downside is figuring out how to fit them all in. This is the time of year to go local, go craft, go for the best of the best and we’ve got a few event you shouldn’t miss!

Rarest of the Rare

Saturday, Sept 28th, RAREST OF THE RARE at Smog City 12-8pm

1901 Del Amo Blvd Ste B
Torrance, CA 90501

We have made some adjustments to the event! There will be two bars, our main bar serving most of the special one-offs, barrel-aged and sour beers plus a selection of our core beers will be available.

In an attempt to reduce wait times, we are also setting up a second bar. The beers served at each bar have yet to be determined but will be announced soon.

We will have a growler filling station but fills will be limited to a select number of our core beers. Amarilla Gorilla, LA Saison, Little Bo Pils and Sabre-Toothed Squirrel will be available. Unfortunately, we are about to run out of our growlers- so please bring your Smog City growler with you. We will probably not have any to sell on the day of.

We will also be launching the arrival of our new Smog City HOODIES and a new TShirt design! More details soon!

Please drink responsibly and take into consideration how you will get home. “We like you and we really care.”

Also, parking will be tight, so please PLEASE do not park in our neighbor’s(Doggie Daycare) parking spaces. There are plenty of spaces in the parking lots to the WEST of our building (these business are closed on Saturdays) and street parking on Grammercy and Del Amo Blvd are abundant. We thank you in advance!

RSVP on FB (not required) but it sure helps us predict turnout!


Casks (on tap one at a time)
*2009 O.E.
*2011 Callaborative Evil w/Vanilla Beans

*Quercus Circus – 19 month sour barrel-aged Belgian blonde
*The Tempest – 18 month barrel-aged sour red rye
*Farmhouse Funk– An unreleased brett beer
*Bourbon Collaborative Evil – 2011 Collaboration with Julian Shrago of Beachwood BBQ
*Bourbon Red – 15 months in bourbon barrels
*Bourbon O.E.- Bourbon barrel-aged Olde English
*Bourbon Imperial Porter
*Weird Beer– 5 Grain Saison with spices
*Hive Five!– LABW special ingredient beer! 5 different types of Honey at 5.5%abv
*Grape Ape IPA– IPA made with 500lbs of flame grapes, pressed on site
*Groundwork Coffee Porter– 2012 GABF Gold Medal Winner
*Amarilla Gorilla IPA
*Little Bo Pils
*L.A. Saison
*Sabre-Toothed Squirrel

…and more!


Saturday, September 21st, Southbay Brewers Cask Ale Event @ Tin Roof Bistro

Casks from all of the South Bay breweries in one place tapped at one time! Real Ale Lovers Rejoice!!

Please check on ticket avilability, this event may be sold out.

Here’s the LINK.

Saturday, September 21st, Southbay Progressive

Manhattan Beach Brew Co/Stone Brewing
Select Beer Store/Great Divide
Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ/Smog City
Najas Place/The Bruery

Each bar will carry six handles, three of which are special releases and three core brands of the brewery they are highlighting and then two other handles of the other breweries.

There will be two busses to shuttle people to and from each bar from 4-11 pm.

$15 VIP wristbands are available for priority seating and select sections or ordering priority in each bar.


Saturday, September 21st, Oinktoberfest @ The Oinkster

Smog City will have a special beer for this event…WEIRD BEER. this is an unreleased beer, a 5-Grain Saison with Herbs and Spices. It’s a huge hit in the taproom and fantastic food pairing beer. This one lives up to its name but don’t be afraid, it’s fantastic!

Come down and enjoy Oinktoberfiesta!
From the Oinkster:
“We are throwing a Los Angeles style-mashup Oktoberfest party. Sit in the back patio(w/misters), transformed into a beer garden, with a unique limited draft list TBA, Pitcher Special, Big Soft Pretzels, House-made salsa bar and Sonora style Spicy Polish Dogs(bacon-wrapped!! Oh Damn!!!)”

Link to event HERE

Sunday, September 22nd, LA Beer Week Opening Gala@ Los Angeles Union Station 11-3pm

This event features unlimited sampling from over 50 breweries in the beautiful, iconic art deco ticketing hall in LA’s famous Union Station.

Follow this LINK for tickets!


Wednesday, September 25th, Tap Attack at Cinco in Westchester

Bringing Smog City to the top o’ the hill. Porter and Laurie will be there to hang out and talk beer…or whatever you want to talk about!

Bourbon O.E.
Hive Five!
Grape Ape IPA (IPA made with muscat grapes)
Groundwork Coffee Porter

…and more!


Thursday, September 26th, Tap Attack at Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank

Our only solo east side event, come raise a glass with Porter and Laurie. Want a sneak peak at Saturday’s Rarest of the Rare event? We’ll be pouring Bourbon O.E.!Event LINK

Hive Five!-LA Beer Week Beer
Bourbon O.E. -barrel-aged for 15months (do to unforseen circumstances, this beer is not going to be at the event but we will be bringing something else incredibly exclusive and perhaps even more divine.)
Grape Ape IPA
Groundwork Coffee Porter
Amarilla Gorilla IPA
L.A. Saison
Little Bo Pils


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