Mike Freeman, Porter and Chris Walowski

Mike Freeman, Porter and Chris Walowski

We be growing! Smog City welcomes its first employees.

After 3.5 months of volunteering, Mike “Danger” Freeman is joining the Smog City team, fo’ reals. From the ground up, Mike was here when we placed our fermentors and brewed the first batch. He’s worked in the taproom since the soft openings happened at the beginning of May and continues to show up every single day. Thanks Mike!

Mike comes to us fresh out of America’s Breadbasket and if you don’t know where or what that is…you need to brush up on your geography. America’s Breadbasket is also called “The Corn Belt”, so when imagining his hometown think tall grasses and lush fields. Ever heard of Nebraska? Ever been there? Probably not…well, that’s where Mike is from so if you’ve ever wanted to know what there is in Nebraska, he’s the man to ask!

Our second hire is Chris Walowski, formerly of Ohana Brewing Co. Chris is a highly accomplished home brewer with a laundry list of  awards and accolades to his name. Not only has he been working professionally as a brewer for the last year helping Ohana establish itself as a creative brewery in the LA craft beer scene but is in the process of getting his graduate degree in BioChemistry from CSULB. Chris loves sours, barrel-aging and being creative with beers and beer styles, sound familiar? We know he will fit in very well with our new little family, kinda like a Tetris tile. Rotate, Drop!

By adding these two men, we’re now in a great place to open up the flood gates and get even more creative here at Smog City. Expect to see more interesting beers flowing in the taproom and in the greater LA area. We’re excited to welcome both of them to our small but growing brand and so should you.

Let’s raise a glass!


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